“Aloha `Āina Talk Story w/ Louis “Buzzy” Agard” (decoded telegram shows US instructions on how to take over Hawaiian Islands)

[Kp update: Mr. Agard has a website, http://www.buzzyagard.com, where you may review and/or purchase his book, “Politics, hawaii sandalwood trees and hope”. There is also an interesting presentation at this Prezi page.]

Why am I posting this? Well, one of the items he speaks of is an 1892 coded telegram that, when decoded, describes how the US Department of the Navy instructs those here (the “over throwers”) how to take over the Hawaiian Islands for the US (USA CORP, of course).

Video notes:

Aloha Kakou:
It’s come to our attention that the coded telegram Uncle Buzzy shared on the program might not be the telegram that corresponds with what uncle deciphered in his book. Sincere apologies for any potentially misleading information–because it is in code the discrepancy was not obvious. We are honoring uncle’s request for patience as he searches his files to confirm the original telegram of the decoded message and have decided to allow the show to stay online. Why? Because we believe him and we want to encourage people to draw their own conclusions.

Anne Keala Kelly

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