Four VTs… Mostly About Russia and Putin (and a Kevin Barrett)

veterans_today_banner_NEW_193The first two detail some of the things Washington DC has done to “demonize” Russia in the minds of the world, particularly the asleep portion of THE USA CORP. And also how Putin and company are countering this.

The third one is one I found quite “Biblically all-encompassing”, with several Bible references to what is going on now. Set aside any preconceptions and take the best and leave the rest. I found it fascinating. It is extensively referenced, and presents many scriptures which clearly depict what we are going through right now. I don’t usually read pieces like this one, but I found this very informative.

The fourth is more about the False Flag circus by Kevin Barrett and one of his radio guests… and his new book.

Titles and highlights are below.

Inner Logic of Pentagon: U. S. Sees Russia as Enemy—But Russia Should Not Return the Favor (Jonas Alexis, 1-5-16)

“President Obama admitted that he made a deal with the powers in Ukraine, escalating the situation with Russia.[4] John J. Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago argued in 2014 that much of the situation in Ukraine is or was “the West’s fault.” “The United States and its European allies,” said Mearsheimer, “They share most of the responsibility for the crisis. The taproot of the trouble is NATO enlargement, the central element of a larger strategy to move Ukraine out of Russia’s orbit and integrate it into the West.”[5]

“If officials at the Pentagon really mean what they say, why can’t they abide by international law? Why are they always willing to move heaven and earth in order to literally destroy democratic countries like Syria, where Assad won the presidential election by a landslide?[8]

“As Jim W. Dean has recently put it: “The Ukraine threat hoax, and claims that Putin was trying to re-establish the old Soviet empire and reach back into the heart of Europe was a crazy claim; it was an open admission that NATO felt no fear from public reaction. And it was right because there was no organized, major anti-NATO-extremism marches in European capitals.””

Washington Lied: Evidence Proves USSR Downed KE007 Plane by Accident (Jim Dean, 1-5-16)

“…released Japanese material confirms that the Russians really did think they were shooting down a spy plane, as they had been active in the Sakhalin Island area. Additionally all attempts to contact or escort the plane away were ignored. VT salutes the Japanese for releasing this information so the families of the victims, and the former Soviet and American people finally know what really happened… and who lied.

“This episode of the Soviet history has long been used by Washington as proof of the “substantial threat” of the Soviet system to humanity. However, the truth has been finally brought to light: the US government knew it was an accident, but continued to lie for decades that the Soviet Union downed the passenger plane intentionally.”

Yes, Putin: They’re Going To Realize What They’ve Done (Hannah Michaels, 1-4-16)

“The world is dividing into two opposing camps. And in most cases, it’s all for an “illusion of reality”, because a few operatives get away with representing a whole nation – as agent provocateurs… If you think Russia isn’t going to strike back, then you’re clueless on Biblical prophecy; as well as how to interpret the escalations in the Middle East.

“…(Gog and Magog – Russia) go AGAINST the governments(mountains) of the modern-day Israelite nations, who are made up of Isaac’s sons, the Engelo and Anglo-Saxons; and not a fake State in the Middle East, made up of Edomite and Ashkenazi counterfeit-Jews who stole the name Israel.

“The City of Dragons, located in London, is involved in the treason against God. The British Accreditation Register members (The BAR – lawyers, hypocrites) are involved in treason against God.

“In prophecy, Archangel Michael kills the Dragon. He destroys “materialism”, which is what the British Empire morphed into from “imperialism”, which was set in the first place to unite the world under God, with Christ as King. But no, the British Empire had to stray; steal; and lord itself over others.”

TRUTH JIHAD: Traveling Terror Troupe did Paris, San Bernadino, and other false flags (Kevin Barrett, 1-4-16)

“In this interview, Ole discusses the overwhelming evidence of foreknowledge preceding the Paris event–not just the Rothschild-owned Economist magazine’s prediction of two big Paris false flags in 2015 with the biggest one on 11/13/15, but also social media and Wikipedia postings clearly done by the perps themselves – a group that includes French President Hollande and/or his handlers and scriptwriters.

“…a detailed Wikipedia entry was apparently posted prematurely by the event’s scriptwriters – just as the report of the “collapse” of World Trade Center 7 was reported early. Did Wikipedia post details of the attacks too quickly – including reporting Hollande’s speech 40 minutes before it happened?”

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