False Flag Weekly News 12-10-15, with Kevin Barrett and Gordon Duff


According to NoLiesRadio.org, Jim Fetzer has been “fired” (or “retired”) from the False Flag team. Here is the note:

“Note to our loyal viewers from No Lies Radio: If you have been watching our recent shows it is obvious that Kevin and Jim have developed irreconcilable differences and as a consequence things simply blew up: Kevin fired Jim and Jim quit. They cannot work together anymore. Jim is moving on with some new shows of his own. Kevin will continue to anchor False Flag Weekly news with a variety of national and international guest anchors to give brand new perspectives on the news we report. We at No Lies Radio appreciate the service that Jim gave to this show and wish him well with his new shows.”

Thanks to Kevin for archiving their shows, with links for all articles mentioned in the show. This week’s is here: http://noliesradio.org/archives/107938

This is a 60-minute show.

Live stream and information for Kevin’s upcoming 12-12-15 conference is here: http://noliesradio.org/archives/106841

Kevin’s primary websites, besides VT, are TruthJihad.com and NoLiesRadio.org.

[Kp note: My personal view of these shows is this… “I allow to come in, the news, but “dark” views of them I refuse.” In other words, I always send Light and Higher Energy to pervade the entire watching of these. In their own way, these two are shining their Light, in their own way, on many of the “events” occurring around this planet. We’re all on the same “Planet Earth” team.”]

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