KP Message 11-29-15… “Every Day is a Holiday!”

150731_kp_mauna_kea_sun_P1010142_crop_150_23I’m getting that a message is coming. “So”, I’m asking, “What’s the deal?”

One of the things is, all of this holiday stuff. I just saw part of a video yesterday, that showed people shopping on the day after Thanksgiving, often called, Black Friday (now, that has got to be a cabal-generated name). Well, many will know what I saw. People fighting each other for “deals”, “specials”, and other stuff. How ridiculous and $$-centered (€,£,¥-centered) this business gets.

Yes, it’s about the idea of “having” stuff. But it’s also about the so-called “Higher Ups” (financial elite) playing money games with people. And the CMMM*, giving them something “mind-numbing” to report on one of their 5 or 6 world networks, to keep those who are easily “sucked in” (the “suckers”) to those things, in a continuous brainwashed state, and stuck in the old paradigm that you’ve got to fight for the privilege of surviving.

It ain’t working no more, baby!

Too many have “waked up” to this CMMM crap foisted on the planet, and are now rejecting all of that.

Now I do align with the joy of this season, but I’ve grown (aka, “expanded in awareness”) to realize that each and every day can be one of joy. And should be one of joy, and peace, and all that. You don’t need a holiday season to BE in a holiday place within.

Here’s my life paradigm about this.

Every Day is a Holiday!

So I don’t listen to all of the holiday promotional BS that the CMMM spews out, or people spew out. Here’s another paradigm one can live by:

BE the holiday that you are, each moment, each day, of each year.

Yes, I do fall short of this, but sometimes I’m clearing old paradigms, old fears, etc., etc., and I allow the ego to B&M (bitch and moan) to help it clear.

Enough said. So I encourage all to enjoy your holiday, whatever day it is.

Aloha KP

*CMMM = Controlled Major Mass Media (thanks, Preston James, of VT)

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