David Wilcock Update 11-26-15… “Lots of Hits, a DDoS, and Synchronicities”

David_Wilcock_Search158This uis an update David posted, located at the end of Part 4 of his latest article.



Three hours after posting the article, we had already reached nearly 15,000 views and 1800 Facebook Likes:

It was right at this point the site suddenly died. Everyone who came got an error saying the MySQL database was down.

Our webmaster got a letter from our host that included the following text. Details have been omitted so it doesn’t make it any easier for future attackers.

As a valued customer at ___, we wanted to alert you that ___ Shield has detected a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on your system and that our anti-­DDoS protocols have been initiated.

As you may know, ___ Shield is a premium service using the latest in technology from ___ and ___.

Because you are a valuable customer, we are mitigating this attack using ___ Shield free of charge as a one-­time courtesy.

At this time, the attack is fully mitigated and your server is online and fully functional.

We understand how important your business is to you and, as such, we have notified your account managers to assist you in adding Shield to your account at a discounted rate to ensure you’re fully protected in the future.

Our site was NOT online when we got this letter. It immediately went down again. The Shield did not work. So we are not going to pay to use it.

It took seven hours, a significant hardware upgrade to a RAID array of SSDs and paying more monthly fees to get this site up and running again.

Yes, the article was popular, but this appears to have been a combination of high traffic and a Directed Denial of Service or DDoS attack.

And, uh… Happy Turkey Day?

Maybe I’ve gotta work on that one. Let’s just give thanks!


I just posted the above. When I went in to write it, the hit counter was at 51717, which I photographed but didn’t get that excited about.

1717 is a repeating pattern but nothing big. It is the third number over from the right:

Immediately after posting this update, the number of Facebook Likes was at exactly 7444.

That is a triple repetition of digits, consistent with the synchronicity phenomenon we have documented in so many articles here before:

One of the greatest secrets the Cabal is trying to keep from us is the awesome power of our own consciousness.

I don’t have to “work” to see these patterns. If they don’t occur in a genuine, authentic and natural way, then I won’t report them.

This phenomenon is so consistent that I wrote a whole book explaining the science behind it — The Synchronicity Key.

It also explains how the Cabal is “allowed” to occur — written into a holographic, repeating “script” of historical events, intended to inspire us to evolve spiritually.


Wow. Now I am even more impressed! I just hit “Save and Close,” which published the above, and it dumped me back to the screen where I see all the articles.

Now, right there in front of me, the hit counter had a 333 in it, jumping from 52,064 to 52333:

Seconds later I went back to the site and it was already up to 52,359. The window for this to happen was very exceptionally small, down to split-seconds of time.

The funny part about synchronicity is it does not take any special talent. It is already happening to everyone.

You simply learn to pay attention to it and understand that messages can be conveyed this way.

I was ignoring these on the site many times in the past, but then there started to be so many of them I couldn’t ignore it and started photographing them.

People ask me what this means or why I include it. I see it as a sign that there are indeed positive spiritual forces out there steering us towards a peaceful future.

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