Kingdom of Hawai’i blog, 10-3-15, Ali`i Mana`o Nui Lanny Sinkin… “The False Narrative”

lanny_sinkin_alii_manao_nui_shield_22This is a masterfully researched and written document, and I see this as a potential “classic” for exposing the mis-truths (aka, lies) being spread by agencies like “DoI” (US Dept. of Interior), “OHA” (Office of Hawaiian Affairs), and the illegally created (and essentially illegitimate) “State of Hawaii”.

There are many points here that illustrate how the technique of “false narrative” has been used to attempt to trick people into choosing a scenario where a “Native Hawaiian” government (aka, tribe) would be organized. This, of course, is the famous (infamous) “nation in nation” scenario that Pearl Means so strongly warned against.

This very well crafted document is very appropriate to this time. There are so many highlights I could post, but I’ll limit it to just a few, and encourage all to read the entire document.

[Note: one of the references mentioned in this document was posted here previously.]

“Today more modern techniques are being employed in an effort to complete the process of extinguishing the Kingdom. The techniques for manipulating populations through the use of propaganda have been used for centuries… those techniques are being further refined to include manipulation of new communications channels, such as the Internet.

“One technique… is creating a false narrative. The target population is to be manipulated into believing something other than the truth and into acting on that belief unaware that the belief is false. Such a false narrative can take over the conversation in such a way that the truth is submerged.

“In the false narrative, the indigenous people are separate from the governing structure of the broader society. The question of the “indigenous people’s’” relationship to the broader society is a separate political question.

““Multi-­‐cultural?”… when the Kingdom adopted a constitution that opened citizenship beyond Native Hawaiians, the Kingdom citizenship became multi-­‐national, i.e. included people whose ancestry was United States, Japanese, French, British, etc. DoI uses “multi-­‐cultural” to avoid the issue of nationality and evade the true description of the Kingdom.

“Contrary to the DoI response, the Native Hawaiian community did cease to exercise “political authority” as an independent body when the Kingdom became a constitutional monarchy. The political authority (Kingdom) had subjects, elected representatives, and officers from numerous ancestries, including Native Hawaiians.

“…the DoI clarifies why pursuing the “indigenous” false narrative path leads to a dead end. Having opened up the federal recognition process to only Native Hawaiians, DoI then uses that self-­imposed restriction to declare that the new government cannot include non-­Hawaiians [which the Kingdom allowed]… there is no opportunity to adopt restoration of the Kingdom as the resolution of the injury created by the 1893 act of war.

The overthrow did not create an “indigenous people.” The overthrow stole an entire nation from its legitimate government. Those opposed to restoring Kingdom independence will never mention the subjects of the Kingdom, who were not of original Hawaiian ancestry and who also lost their nation.

“The United States [DoI] is proposing to “re-­‐establish” a government-­‐to-­‐government relationship between Native Hawaiians and the United States… There never was any such relationship

The use of the term “re-­‐establish” is literally false… The DOI cannot reestablish a relationship that never existed; the relationship was between the Kingdom of Hawai’i Government and the United States Government, not Native Hawaiians and the United States Government, as the DOI pretends.

The use of the term government [by the DOI] implies a sovereignty that is not intended

“The cure for a false narrative is first to recognize its existence and then articulate the truth. Based on the truth of the original act of war, the only remedy for the wrong is the restoration of the government that was destroyed by that act of war. If the people of original Hawaiian ancestry are to be addressed as an indigenous people, the only proper way to do that is to restore the Kingdom of Hawai’i Government first and leave the question of indigenous people to the Kingdom government to address…

“…United States [including State of Hawaii] politicians [are]… pleased to see the DoI proposal… because they understand the goal to be to slam the door on potential Kingdom restoration, which would put them out of a job

“The proposed Department of Interior process clearly fails to address the illegal overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawai’i…

“The Kingdom still exists. The time has come for the Kingdom Government to be fully restored and welcomed back into the community of nations.”


Ali`i Mana`o Nui Lanny Sinkin, 10-3-15… “The False Narrative”

Lanny Sinkin, Ali’i Mana’o Nui, Kingdom of Hawai’i

On October 2, 2015, the King sent a letter to President Obama addressing the Department of Interior’s proposed rule to “reestablish” a “government-to-government” relationship between the Native Hawaiians and the United States. The King’s letter exposed the DoI process as a fraud and an assault on the Kingdom. Subsequently, we prepared a deeper analysis of the fraud that incorporated the King’s letter. Attached is that analysis.

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