Kingdom of Hawai’i blog, 9-28-15… Ali`i Mana`o Nui Lanny Sinkin, “Past and Future”

lanny_sinkin_alii_manao_nui_shield_21Lanny Sinkin makes many important points about the whole “Na’i Aupuni” process. I align with his views and analysis.

In my view, there is only one option… restore the Kingdom of Hawai’i.

Which is why I continue to support the efforts of Ali`i Nui Mō`ī Edmund K. Silva, Jr., and his group. There is no compromise with that group, and no attempting to divide Hawai’i’s people into racial groups, some of which can vote for “forms of governance”, and most cannot.

Below are a few highlights from the first document below, which is Lanny Sinkin’s response.

“The United States used the phony statehood plebiscite – offering only the option of statehood – as a basis for claiming Hawai’i had resolved that question in favor of statehood and should be taken off the United Nations list.

“There is little or no likelihood that the United States would support any process that reopened that question. OHA, as a State of Hawaii agency, has spent millions of dollars promoting nation-within-a-nation and nothing on restoring the independent Kingdom Government. Do we really believe that OHA is now allocating money to a process that might result in independence?

“One question those choosing to participate in the Na’i Aupuni process… is why today is different than 1996… OHA funded a process that led to a gathering of Hawaiians to discuss future governance. When 85%… voted in favor of independence, OHA pulled the funding from the effort and nothing came of it.

“In Na’i Aupuni, the participants have no authority to decide anything… the Kingdom and independence are only one of many options. Implicit in that position is that the Kingdom does not currently exist and independence is only one “model” for the future. We are not really talking about models for governance; we are talking about sovereignty as complete or partial.

If the Kingdom still exists, then the task is to complete the restoration of the Kingdom Government as the nation is restored. Reducing the Kingdom to a subordinate status is not an option.”


Ali`i Mana`o Nui Lanny Sinkin, 9-28-15… “Past and Future”

Lanny Sinkin, Ali’i Mana’o Nui, Kingdom of Hawai’i

A journalist from Kansas chronicled the political situation in Hawai’i shortly after the overthrow of Queen Liliu’okalani. His objective observations provide useful insight into what was actually happening.

Meanwhile, there is an active debate on whether those who support the restoration of the Kingdom should participate in the Na’i Aupuni process. This process involves the creation of a roll of people with pre-Cook Hawaiian ancestry who will serve as voters. They will elect delegates to a convention. Those delegates will discuss what form of governance might be pursued by Native Hawaiians, e.g. independence, statehood, or something in between. The funding for the process comes from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA), a State agency.

Attached are the views of Moani Akaka, a long time activist and previous Trustee of OHA and my response.

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