Ian Greenhalgh & Jeff Smith VT 8-25-15… “Confirmation Tianjin was Nuked” (and a Frame by Frame Analysis)

veterans_today_banner_NEW_144I mentioned this in this morning’s Kp Radio Hawaii show, and today another VT piece has come out with a frame by frame analysis. As I am in somewhat of a “time crunch” at the moment, I’m posting the links and a bit from the first article.


Confirmation Tianjin was Nuked

Two weeks ago a devastating explosion took place in the port city of Tianjin, China. Official reports claimed a chemical storage facility had caught fire and exploded. Mobile phone footage taken by residents showed an enormous blast and fireball.

Within days, aerial photos revealed the stunning extent of the damage. A steaming black crater marks ground zero, while the apocalyptic surrounding landscape is charred and flattened. Rows of burnt-out cars and twisted shipping containers stretch into the distance on all sides.

The extent of the devastation is such that it must have been a very big bang indeed.

The total burned area spans 20,000 square meters and continues to be dangerous—more explosions were reported by Chinese authorities on the 15th of August. Residents within a 3-mile radius have been relocated; at least 85 victims of the accident have been reported dead.

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The Nuking of Tianjin – Frame by Frame Analysis

Expert analysis of the shocking video of the Tianjin nuclear explosions.

Residents of Tianjin captured the explosions on their mobile phones and thus provided us with a piece of video that is both shocking and informative. Jeff Smith has broken this video down in order to analyse the events with an expert eye. It is clear that there are two major blasts plus a number of much smaller secondary explosions. This is just the first step in breaking down the events in detail in order to determine what actually happened.

This is China’s 9-11 and like that event, has untold complexity that will need to be carefully unravelled. We aim to be ahead of the curve on this so that good, solid, truthful and scientifically accurate information is available before the inevitable legions of paid for disinfo entities begin to flood the internet with nonsense.

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