Voices of Truth… “50th State Fraud – A Visit With [UH Professor] Williamson Chang”


I’ve heard of this before, but just lightly touched on what was being pointed out by Professor Chang. After watching this video in detail, I made some notes (partly to help ME remember the details). It is quite remarkable (but not surprising, for anyone who understands the need for “THE USA CORP” (which, as you recall, is a “military, industrial, pharmaceutical, make-as-much-money-as-we-can-to-fund-our-wars-and-empire-expansion, lie-about-everything-that-shows-us-as-the-crooks-we-really-are” complex) to hide the truth about Hawaii… namely, that it is NOT a state, it is NOT a part of the US, and is still “The Kingdom of Hawai’i”.

Feel free to watch and learn why many of us are standing up for the Kingdom of Hawai’i.

  • Joint resolution: Senators debated strongly against annexation by joint resolution. They said it was impossible.
  • Failure of attempts to get a treaty of annexation but Ku’e all were opposed. Sen. Pettigrew in Hilo, no one wanted annex.
  • 1900: Congress passed bill for governing Hawaii: “Organic Act”. But they knew had never acquired Hawaiian islands, so they never defined a region for “Hawaii”. Never used the specific names of the islands.
  • All other states have clearly defined borders.
  • Organic act stated that whatever islands were acquired by the joint resolution was the “Territory of Hawaii”. But NO islands were acquired by the joint resolution.
  • Hawaiian islands have thus never come under the jurisdiction of the United States.
  • Statehood Act: Question: “What’s going to be in State of Hawaii? Con con said “Hawaii will be what it already is”. There was no description of what “State of Hawaii” would be.
  • Sen. Clinton P. Anderson: Became part of coverup. Took 6 drafts to come up with, “Territory of Hawaii consists of so and so, but not these islands.”
  • Discussion of “ceded lands”. There’s no evidence to back up that these lands were given to the United States.
  • Dr. Chang’s efforts to bring this into the courts, and the results.

Published on May 31, 2015
Imagine the surprise University Of Hawai`i Professor Williamson Chang got when he discovered the US has been using sleight of hand all these years to claim Hawai`i as the 50th state. He found that not only was there never a treaty of annexation, but the US never named a single Hawaiian island in legal documents to acquire Hawai`i as a territory or when the so-called statehood vote occurred in 1959. To his amazement, Professor Chang even found records of US senators discussing their cover up and their efforts to make it all look legit. In this not to be missed interview youʻll be as astounded as we were as Professor Chang describes how his discoveries led him to realize the Hawaiian Kingdom still exists.


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