Jesse Ventura On Running With Donald Trump on CNN ‘Trump Is Wonderful’ VIDEO

I’ve not paid much attention to the US presidential political ramblings so far, but I do pay attention to “the Jesse”. His opinion… Trump and Bernie Sanders are both beneficial because they are trying to “shake things up.”

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Published on Aug 14, 2015
Jesse Ventura joined chris cuomo on cnn newday to discuss donald trump’s presidential run. gov jesse ventura talks being v.p. for donald trump. Jesse Ventura: Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders campaigns remind me of mine Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura says real estate mogul Donald Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont are shaking up the presidential race and they’re reminding him of his successful 1998 run for governor. “We have differences of opinions on many issues, but I think Donald Trump is wonderful that he’s shaking the system to its core,” the former pro wrestler said Friday on CNN’s “New Day.” “We have a government in Washington that’s broken, clearly, and it needs to be shaken up and Trump is doing that, and so is Bernie Sanders.” Mr. Trump has been out in front in recent polling on the 2016 GOP presidential contest, and Mr. Sanders has been drawing massive crowds in his bid for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination.

“I look at both their campaigns and I see great parallels to my campaign in Minnesota, where the media attacks you at every direction but yet the people stand and support you, and look who ultimately won in Minnesota — Jesse Ventura did, beat the Democrats and Republicans,” Mr. Ventura said. “And so that’s why I think it’s wonderful what Donald Trump is doing, because he’s shaking up the system — a system that badly needs it.”

Mr. Ventura said he would “absolutely” consider it if Mr. Sanders asked him to run with him.

“Either one of ‘em,” he said. “If either one of ‘em truly wanted to grab the independent, and believe me — I am the voice of the independent voter in this United States of America, and look at the last election. The last nationwide election, 64 percent of the people chose not to vote. That is a majority … a major majority. All you’ve got to do is tap into that, and you’ll win like I did in Minnesota.”

He also said a law should be passed that doesn’t allow campaigning for an office until the year of an election.

“This is ridiculous — when will the next one start, 2017?” he said. ventura also discusses chris kyle controversy with chris cuomo. jesse ventura speaks on a donald trump jesse ventura ticket

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