Disclosure Data from Corey 7-26-15… Facebook Update… “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”

sphere_being_alliance_logo_1This appeared today at Corey’s FaceBook page. My only question… if this GaiamTV appearance was so important, and Corey and family were stuck in airports, where were all those Galactic shuttles to take them back? Well, that day will come.

Please use one’s own discernment always when reading any of the postings I make here, about this or anything else. You will know what fits for you.

[SSP = Secret Space Program; ICC = Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate; LOC = Lunar Operations Command; IE = Intuitive Empath; AI = Artificial Intelligence]


Facebook post

Update: “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”… Living out multiple scenes from that movie the last 24 hours.

Crazy Negative Greetings! Getting out of Denver proved to be very difficult. Not only has DivineCosmose.com been hacked and brought down for an extended period of time (According to DW), his shuttle to the airport broke down on the way to the Air Port.

When my family and I rushed to arrive to the Airport we soon found out that our flight was delayed by 2 hours, then 2 hours more then after a total of almost 7 hours the flight was cancelled and we couldn’t get a flight back home until Wednesday.

We finally decided to rent a car and make the nearly 15 hour drive home.
Every Hotel/Motel we stopped at was booked solid and we finally drove until we were all falling asleep and found a nasty/seedy motel to stay in and sleep overnight. At least they had WIFI so I could log on and make this update and check emails.

The entire week of shooting Cosmic Disclosure we had a strange amount of “Negative Greetings” daily. This has certainly been one trip to remember.
Wish us luck on our drive home. :-)



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