Disclosure Data from GoodETxSG 6-18-15… “‘Just the FAQs’ about many being ‘Triggered and Reactionary'”

GoodETxSG_gravatar_150_67This is a note from Corey’s FAQs page. As I see this message, it emphasizes releasing one’s grip on what one “knows”, and releasing any desire to “control the disclosure methodology”. Or something like that.

Bottom line: stop pretending you know everything. Personally, I know I know nothing. And there’s always more “nothing” to learn about.

Heaven (to me) means “Expansion”… not grabbing on to what you “know” with all your strength until your knuckles turn white. I’m pretty sure the Universe is saying to those people, “Let go dammit!”


FAQs #87

[Q] Why are some people so “triggered” & in a “reactionary” state of viciously lashing out at you & your disclosures recently? Do they have entity attachments, are they responding to programming or just pissed that you violate their personal beliefs? Some are pretty cut throat & obsessed w/discrediting you!

I can not fully explain it myself. Some of the behavior has been truly obsessive and indeed very cut throat. I have had so many online stalkers and trolls in my short time being a whistle blower that it shocks even some of the long time researchers I speak to.

Many people study certain material in this field like others do biblical scripture. They have very strong beliefs in “This Council” or “That Confederation” and if the information I am presenting does not line up with what they have been reading and chatting about in chat rooms for years then not only can it not be true to them but it has declared war on their deeply ensconced personal belief system.

Other people that have been mind controlled in the past and have fallen under the spell of another person that speaks to their level so deeply that they become fiercely loyal to them. If they see a conflict between you or your info and that “ideological leader” then they come out fighting viciously.

I have one such individual that lives in my own city that was a “friend of a friend” and asked to meet me (Who I later found out was hearing voices and thought Draco were putting suicidal thoughts in their head). In the meeting it came up in conversation that we knew a common person that I had an issue with that they were fiercely loyal to. Since that time this person has become so obsessed with attacking me in forums and other sites (They have their own war campaign going on and are in such a long term reactionary state to where they absolutely cannot control their behavior) that I have had to make a policy not to meet people who live near where I do.

I have already had one other person/stalker leave disturbing notes and items in my mailbox causing a security concern to where I do not let my children check the mail any longer. This has upset some supporters that live in my area that do not fully understand the security concerns.

It is amazing how quickly people can invent things in their minds, it becomes reality to them and they turn on you. It is actually more than a little creepy.

I have learned some lessons with people the hard way and I do admit making my own share of mistakes in the process.

I have always been honest about my experiences and the information that I present. I try to treat everyone with respect, including those who are stalking or harassing me mostly because I know that it is tied to the protection I receive that I can negate by my own karma or actions.

I think the answer is YES to all of the questions:

– Do they have “Entity Attachments”? Yes, obviously some of them do

– Are they responding to Programming? Yes, that is even more obvious and the “Triggered” and “Reactionary” behavior are very clear signs of a person who has been programmed.

– Or are they just pissed that you violate their personal beliefs? Yes, this is also partly from self programming and also allowing themselves to be programmed by others by following information that they allowed to become a strongly ensconced belief system.

Added 6/20: Sadly there is another category to add to the equation. There is also the “Mental Illness” component. A couple of stalkers have not only shown signs of this but have either described “hearing voices” or admitting to being “Unmedicated” and suffering from Bi-Polar or Schizophrenic disorders. (Mental Illness is one of the many chemical or energetic/vibrational imbalances along with Physical Illnesses that can be cured by the suppressed technologies that are in use by the “Elites”). There is not much we can do about this group at the current time.

I do believe there is another reason people are getting so upset. I think it is that they are sick of the many failed predictions of disclosure and the end of tyranny by so many sources that they are now extremely cynical. I am certain this was done by design by disinformation agents for the last 10 or more years.

Many are also so locked into the victim frame of mind that they are looking for a “Savior” ET or Earth Group to make their lives easier. Then the Blue Avian message states that they have to save their selves and that their consciousness development is tied to how soon they will graduate to freedom. This really angers them. No one wants to bare any responsibility and they all want to sit back and let someone else do what needs to be done to save them.

They are the key to their own freedom and already have the tool and power to effect that change.

Some people are so filled with anger and hateful emotions that the thought of winning a conflict against lower vibrational evil beings with “Love”, “Forgiveness” and by “Raising Their Vibrations/Consciousness” by focusing on becoming “Service To Others” is not only a ridiculous idea it is also a path that they cannot see themselves ever following.

It is easy to call yourself a “Light Warrior” but walking the walk is a whole other story. It is a very difficult path and all of us who walk it struggle and stumble on it often.

Sadly many of these people are in such deeply rooted belief systems and emotional prisons that they will remain this way until there is a “Full Disclosure” event.

Those who have done the spiritual work beforehand will be tasked to assist these people along with the sleeping masses once this time comes.


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