Disclosure Data from GoodETxSG 6-6-15… “The ‘Spanish Sphere Being Alliance’ (website, that is) and Meetings”

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I just dropped by to announce the Spanish Language version of our website. It is getting quite a lot of positive response from the spanish speaking community. We hope in the future to have sites mirrored into other languages as well.


There was also a recent SSP Alliance Council/Sphere Being Conference where many of the Illuminati/Cabal Defectors were present and verifying information they have provided (Defections that occurred mainly after the Royal White Draco betrayed them in exchange for “Safe Passage” beyond the “Outer Barrier”, An offer which was denied and the Draco Royals will remain for the humiliating trials and judgements that everyone else involved in their oppressive regimes will go through.).

There was also representation of the “Earth Based Alliance” present who had quite a lot of personal data of war criminals (Both retired and active) that were obtained in a huge hacking operation against “Western Government Personnel Databases” and other sources that produced other intelligence on the people being targeted by the SSP Alliance.

This is all part of a “Planning Phase” for larger operations in the near future. One of the things discussed was the amount of resources it would take to gather all of these people and beings in one coordinated operation. The logistics of such a mass arrest are mind boggling (Even with the available allies and our shared high technologies) and it is obvious why it has not occurred in the past.

After I attend the other Conferences, Federation Delegation Meeting, and learn more about the requested conferences/meetings with “Opposition Leaders” I will be writing up a summary of the entire 10 days of conferences. I will be posting this on my website and will be posting the link on Facebook and Twitter as well. The “Stillness in the Storm” blog/site has kept up with recent activities very well and written in detail about them.


It appears I will also be doing more articles with Dr. Salla in the Q&A format going into detail about these recent events and meetings. Keep an eye on his site for more of those to come.

I am also scheduled to appear on “Open Your Mind Internet Radio” On June 28, 2015.

Thank you,


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