GoodETxSG Information from SitsShow 6-4-15… “ICC Bases Remain Intact, Do NOT Let Minor Details Divide Us, Disclosure Battle Raging, Discernment Exercises For All | Corey GoodETxSG”

sitsshow_header_240_2GoodETxSG_gravatar_150_61There is much information “here” that I sense wants to be “out there”. Justin is doing an excellent job at keeping up with all of Corey’s postings. Enjoy this reading.


ICC Bases Remain Intact, Do NOT Let Minor Details Divide Us, Disclosure Battle Raging, Discernment Exercises For All | Corey GoodETxSG

Update June 4th 2015 – Corey posted a comment on this article regarding the Blue Avian Photo below and further information as to why it is not accurate. That update is added to the section to which it pertains.

Corey shared several items today, one in particular related to question about COBRA’s Base clearing mission and updates.

For clarity, when information is released by either person that seems to be contradictory, we should not conclude that they are diametrically opposed in every respect. Our perspectives are only fragments of the whole story and the groups working for change are probably doing so at multiple levels. Most likely there are many factions all working in their own ways, and just because they do not appear to be in absolute agreement does not also mean they are in total conflict.

I observed several polarized reactions from people on social media regarding this seeming disagreement.

Additionally, even if a spokesmen, whistle blower or figure is in disagreement on this or that detail, it does not change the overwhelming unity in relation to the greater mission. It is very easy to get distracted with the soap box drama unfolding outside of us, but these things are only a catalyst for inner growth. How we react and make sense of things is far more important than the agreement on them.

I will add my comments in green below the raw updates in black.

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– Justin

The following comments and updates are posted newest to oldest.

Question about the COBRA Free the Colonies! Update

Cobra has written about the big operation that went down today to free all these bases. No idea how successful it was or was not, but hopefully they’re all clear now so the slaves are liberated.

Sphere Being Alliance All reports from the SSP Alliance Council and the ICC Defectors intelligence network this evening were that today was a day like any other on these bases. They had beefed up the security grid as a precaution based civilian and Internet chatter. It was a nice sentiment, things will happen according to the post disclosure event plan that the SSP Alliance and Sphere Being Alliance agreed on. Meditating on love, peace and freedom for those who are on Earth, In the Sol System and have been taken outside the Sol System as Slaves is a loving STO act. TY all who meditate on these types of outcomes on Earth and beyond on a regular basis.”

The exact details about which location was being talked about by Cobra or Corey is unclear. I think Corey responded to the question with the best knowledge he had available at the time, whether or not he is specifically saying “no Cobra is wrong” is debatable. Here is COBRA’s exact statement from the update:

“The vast majority of Chimera bases and implant stations, including implant stations on Iapetus, Enceladus and Mimas, have now been removed. All hostages from those colonies have been set free. The only Chimera bases and implant stations in our Solar System now remaining are mostly located on selected asteroids (many of them Near Earth Objects – NEOs), and they are those directly controlling planet Earth and its population. They will be dealt with at a later stage of MOSS.”

COBRA often discusses etheric installations but does not explicitly state that the bases in question are material. Nor does he use the same labeling terminology as Corey.

At this point, I don’t see how focusing on a potential disagreement is of benefit for our personal work here on the ground. Discernment within, gaining self mastery and evolving as souls to honor Natural Law and free the planet are far more beneficial to spend our attention on.
Facebook Update:

Until recently talk of Ancient Break Away Civilizations was not being discussed in Ufology. Their existence was unknown to the majority of people and researchers. It is a new era of people questioning what has been a HIGHLY INFILTRATED Field (By Cabal Operatives)… Controlling the narrative and topics has been their goal. Now people are asking the right questions and having the correct conversations… If you are a contactee are you in contact with an ET or a Deceptive Ancient Break Away Human? Are you willing to accept the possibility?

ET or Breakaway Civilizations Of The Past? | The Sumerian God Anu and the Ancient Seers in the Rig Veda

We recently posted Ancient ET Contacts and The Spiritual Brotherhood | The Dalai Lama Shares His Thoughts On Extraterrestrial Contact, wherein we discussed the possibility that Buddhism is potentially one of the spiritual arms of the hierarchy on Earth. There are undoubtedly many empowering aspects to any religion, but nothing ever deserves our blind allegiance. I think as more information is released we will be shocked to see how much every aspect of our world has been touched by hidden hands and ET influences, whether benevolent or nefarious. And our duty to the truth compels us not to throw the baby out with the bathwater in any respect.

Comment on Post:
Can you confirm if the 1969 moon landing was a hoax?

Corey’s Response:
Sphere Being Alliance It was not a Hoax. There were some Studio Video Reshoots done because of artifacts and damaged film fragments. After we crashed the moon lander into the moon to test the seismic equipment and to see what the core was made of we were warned off from returning. We also picked a poor place to make our first landing because it was protected territory. Some of our ignorant acts made us most unwelcome there as a civilian Space Program. The first landings did occur and the remnants of their landings can still be seen on the moon.

This point has been shared by other researchers, that at least one of the landings was real, but several were faked. The affect that this has had in the awakening community is several polarized theories and baseless belief systems. Some include that none of the Moon Landings were genuine, and others have even claimed that any data coming from NASA or a space organization is CGI and masonic plot – conspiracy that the Earth is actually flat.

Considering anyone with a mobile phone can capture an image of the curvature of the Earth from an airplane, it reveals how lacking critical thinking skills are and how easily we can be swept up into arguments which prevent cohesive action. If you have considered such notions true do not take my statements as a personal judgement, for I have made many mistakes in my life, but we can never grow if we refuse to acknowledge them, and we are all walking this path of truth together.

Remember the Cabal are masters of psychology and divide and conquer strategies, duping us into accepting labels of truth that must be defended, instead of developing a holistic discernment process for truth discovery.

I took this photo from 40,000 feet on our way back to the US from Morocco:

Comment on Post:

Yes, I am in contact with the Blue Avians, it has been confirmed to me, I will take responsibility if I am wrong, willing to take a polygraph if you are friend…

Corey’s Response:

Sphere Being Alliance If this IS TRUE you will be the 4th person confirmed as in contact with them. If you can email me the steps they took in making initial contact as well as their “Formal Greeting” that they use with ALL beings and is 100% used as OPSEC for us to know each other by and to make sure disinfo agents aren’t using some high tech ways to subvert the BA Message/Mission. It is straight forward and never changes. Send the email to me and describe how contact was made, the “Formal Greeting” and if confirmed you can join the others who have provided this info correctly from South America, Asia, Russia and Europe and myself in working together. Meetings with the SSP Alliance will be arranged as well. Those who believe to be in contact with the BA’s but do not have this info are being contacted by the deceptive ET/Break Away Groups. We have had a few dozen people who have been deceived like this so far of no fault of their own.

Send that info to me at ASAP please. If you are another confirmed contactee this would be a very exciting and big deal.

TY, Corey/GoodETxSG.

Further Comment by Corey:
Sphere Being Alliance Richard George FYI, The Avian Image with the Winged Disk Symbol on its chest is something the Blue Avians would consider a distortion and would not approve of this “negative polarity symbol” being associated with them. If you are in contact with them you may think of removing this Image from your website (It looks nothing like them at all anyway). I look forward to your email with the protocols. We can introduce you to the others and then arrange a meeting with the SSP Alliance Liaison on Earth (Lt. Col.)

TY Again, Corey/GoodETxSG

Added Update from Corey:

The problem with the “Image” depicting an “Avian” that this person is displaying on their site is that it has a symbol associated with the Sumerian Gods. This is a negative group that the “Elite” thought was coming back to Earth when the Sphere Alliance first arrived in the Sol System. [Re: The Dark Gods return myth of the Elite described here.] They were very excited about this and there were even rumors in the Pentagon that the Sumerian Gods have come back. There is another well known person that is putting out that the Sphere Alliance is from Nibiru and is the Annunaki. This is a major distortion and absolutely incorrect. The Sphere Alliance is in no way associated with the Sumerian Gods or so called Annunaki (Which is actually just a term that means “ET’s” or being that come from the heavens and no one group) nor are they associated with “Nibiru”. I cannot stress enough how far from what/where the Sphere Alliance “IS”. Having the winged disk on the chest of a depiction of a Blue Avian is like having a Swastika on the shoulder of one of their diametrically opposed groups. It is a major contradiction in the polarity of energies.

Corey/GoodETxSGThe “Elite” made the same mistake and were excited when the Sphere’s first arrived. That excitement was short lived when they realized that these were not the same sphere’s that are now covered by debris in our solar system (Moons) that are remnants of their “Progenitor Race” AKA “The Ancient Builder Race” gods who are far more ancient than when the Reptilians arrived. These NEW Spheres were a positive and completely different group. The Sumerian winged disk was a depiction of the old gods that they expected to come back (Their version of the second coming). Those who are putting out that the Sphere Alliance are “Cousins” of the Annunaki or are from the Planet Nibiru (Or even Civilizations from the Center of the Galaxy) are providing information that fits their narrative or information that is being given to them that is far from correct. Thank you for the opportunity to clear up some of these discrepancies.


My further commentary – We have had several questions from people asking about Nibiru and whether or not Corey can confirm it is actually in the solar system. I have not delved totally into this topic, but in the material I have seen, there hasn’t been much data to support the notion it is part of the dark elite or Sumerian Gods. The hard data to support its arrival, the gravimetric signatures measured by several scientists and often called Planet X could in fact be the Sphere’s of the Blue Avians.

Again, those of us on the outside who are trying to make sense of all this, only have a very small amount of data to work with. It is possible that some of the Nibiru perspectives on the internet are also pointing to the arrival of the Spheres. In other words that the Cabal confused the spheres with the arrival of their dark Sumerian gods and so are other people. Possibly more information will be revealed to lend further clarification on this topics. We would do well to keep an open mind in either respect.

I am very curious what this greeting is and what their stated mission is. Other than some generalizations made by Wilcock and Corey, I haven’t come across any explicit information about the BA’s. The process of discerning their goal and methods for carrying out this intention are essential for deciphering their honor-ability to Natural Law and free will; one of my best litmus tests. The phrase ‘by their deeds you shall know them, comes to mind.’ Honoring free will and brokering a bonafide trust relationship for contact and co-creative working is an excellent indicator of who we are dealing with. I’d also like to see the nature of the contacts made from the ‘bogus BA group’ Corey mentions.

Comment on Post:

Akkadian and Sumerian languages are so much similar to the Tamil language. well some say sumerian is cangkham tamil.

Corey’s Response:
Sphere Being Alliance Even further back is a “Root Language” or “Original Tongue” that Archeology doesn’t even know about. They have a few examples of it here and there but call it a proto script. This original tongue so happens to be the language that the ET’s use in some of these ET Super Federation Conferences.

Facebook Update:

Signs are pointing to recent “Earth Based Alliance” and “SSP Alliance” shared Intelligence being accurate. Time will tell as always and observing events changes them. But the battle for the disclosure narrative is only going to heat up over the coming months. Stay alert people… I certainly will be.
What a U.S. Air Force Colonel Has to Say About UFOsWe recently posted Pope To Declare “The Aliens Are Coming” on June 5th 2015? | Is This Part of A Spin Campaign For Disclosure?. Someone was kind enough to point out that the date of June 5th is actually June 16th and has to do with climate change not ET’s (the source article we used for that update was incorrect); here is our update Discernment Exercise | Clarification on The Popes “ET Announcement” and Daniel Sheehan’s Predictions for Disclosure.

The point is that the disclosure battle is definitely raging, and in the process of trying to spin it in one groups favor or another, they will probably reveal what their true intentions are. We have a lot of practice rounds of discernment ahead in preparation for the big event. I know we will be taking full advantage of them as time goes on.

Facebook Update:

IF this is accurate it is certainly a part of the Cabal attempt to control the “Disclosure Narrative” and provide a partial disclosure in hope of keeping their crimes hidden if only a short time longer to buy time.

Pope To Declare “The Aliens Are Coming” on June 5th 2015? | Is This Part of A Spin Campaign For Disclosure?

Comment on Post:

His statement is no news ! We already know the aliens are among us so what if they finally show themselves on June 5th ? Nothing will change really..

Corey’s Response:

Sphere Being Alliance Are you kidding? Catholicism is the largest Christian group on the Planet. And the largest skeptic group on the planet. If a POPE declared THEY EXIST and are visiting us in advanced craft it would be headline news and shake the foundation of society. It would still not be “Full Disclosure”.
The above comment is a good example of a polarized emotional reaction, one based on blind belief instead of holistic discernment; the belief that ‘we can’t get our hopes up’. This is what I call the ‘the boy who cried wolf reaction’ – when someone who has been in the awakening community for many years and has heard many people cry wolf, only to have it not go as planned; most likely part of the Cabal’s Trauma Based Mind Control program. The December 21st 2012 hype was an excellent example of this, where we place a lot of hope in an external event, only to be disappointed when things did not turn out the way we think it was supposed to.The emotional upheaval from this disappointment makes us extremely closed-minded to anything like it in the future, and its a way to protect ourselves from disappointment. But it is not a process based on true discernment or evidence. Rarely if ever can we dismiss anything as totally meaningless, especially considering all things are ultimately of Oneness and in service of the All. With this in mind, the perspective I often take is that many are deeply wounded by their past and need a great deal of compassion.

Thankfully the truth requires no agreement from us, and any close-minded position can only remain as such for a limited time. As the disclosure dump continues, the truth will work itself into all beings, like the waters of the sea moving into the sands of the collective consciousness; no one will be able to escape its transformative consciousness expanding power.

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