David Wilcock 5-25-15 on FADE to BLACK Radio… MP3s

David_Wilcock_Search137[Update 150528 1900 HST: corrections have been made to Parts 2 and 3 and complete version, as there was a duplicate passage and some music removed.]

From this Jimmy Church Radio Show, with David, previously posted here.

These have been volume boosted and all ads and music removed. There are 4 parts, each 33 minutes, 15 MB.

Note: there were 2 or 3 spots where there was a few seconds silence. I left those in. The first was at what seemed to be a key point in the conversation.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Complete (2:15, 62 MB)


Here is the original show link.

Alternate player: https://www.spreaker.com/embed/player/standard?episode_id=6121584&autoplay=false (David comes in at about 32-33 minutes).
Found this at Corey’s forum thread.

Show link: http://www.jimmychurchradio.com/25-may-mon-7-10pm-pacific-live

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