SitsShow 5-15-15… “Analysis of Dr. Michael Salla’s GoodETxSG Q and A from May 12th 2015, And Data From DIA Insider… Corey GoodETxSG”

sitsshow_header_240_1Saw this posted at Corey’s Sphere Being Alliance FB page. Although it is an extensive read, for the first time I actually read (many of) the Q & A from Michael Salla’s original post. And I enjoyed reading many of Justin’s comments about the Q & A.

There is also information he posted from a commenter named Christopher, who appears to be another insider from the Secret Space Program(s).


Analysis of Dr. Michael Salla’s GoodETxSG Q and A from May 12th 2015, And Data From DIA Insider | Insider Corey GoodETxSG

In the recent Q and A between Michael Salla and Corey Good there were several points raised that I wanted to offer some commentary on. I will post the portions of the Q&A that relate to my commentary.

It appears that another insider who commented under the name of ‘christopher’ revealed other details about the Secret Space Programs on Earth. That portion is below the Q and A with Dr.Salla and Corey.

The full article can be found here. Corey also left several comments on that post which I will list below the Q and A section.

Note: For clarity, I am hardly a guru, or consider myself as the arbiter of truth. I have simply spent time researching and contemplating the information I have found over the years, and there is still a great deal I do not know.

Q1. You have previously described the Solar Warden space program as largely responsible for maintaining security in the solar system. Why is the “Sphere Alliance” helping Solar Warden change the power structure on Earth which has been dominated by a Cabal/Illuminati running governments from behind the scene?

[Corey’s Answer Part 1] The Sphere Alliance has been mostly focused on the energetic changes occurring in our local star cluster because of the area of the Galaxy they are entering. They have been using the many thousands of cloaked spheres that are equidistantly spread out across our Sol System and neighboring Sol Systems (Electrically Connected in the “Cosmic Web” and Natural Portal System) to buffer and diffuse incoming tsunami waves of highly charged energy that changed the vibratory state of space/time, energy and matter to cause it to raise to a higher state in the “Density Spectrum”. This energetic change has a direct effect on not only every planet and star in the region but also every life form below a certain vibratory level. This can cause extreme swings in the way beings behave. Lower Vibrational (or “Negative Beings”) will become more reactionary and their behavior towards their current polarity will be enhanced. Beings that are Higher Vibrational (or “Positive/Loving Beings”) will begin to have those qualities enhanced. Beings of both polarities will need some sort of guidance offered by beings that have been through this process so that they can make the decisions to continue to raise their vibrations to match the changing background energetic changes or chose to remain in their current state of lower vibration and self-destruct.

(I didn’t intend on writing such an extensive analysis, but as I began writing many points of data wove together into the following, which will be used as a sort of reference for specific commentary on Corey’s data).

The energetic ‘web’ that the Sphere Beings or Blue Avians are using to defuse the energy has been referred to by other researchers and is used to help ensure the maximum number of people or beings are able to receive the offer of evolution. Daniel from consciousness hugs, who specializes in Reciprocal Systems theory has stated that the use of various substances (GMO’s and Chemtrail’s) and electromagnetic systems on Earth (Wifi, electrical frequencies used to power electronics, etc) have greatly hindered the energetic shift. This process of energy uplift is a synchronization, allegorically represented by metronomes synchronizing which I described in a fair degree of detail here.

The Law of One states that the shift from 3rd density to 4th density began in approximately 1936:

40.10 Questioner: What, assuming that we are, our vibration— I am assuming this vibration started increasing about between twenty and thirty years ago. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. The first harbingers of this were approximately forty-five of your years ago, [1981-45= 1936] the energies vibrating more intensely through the forty year period preceding the final movement of vibratory matter, shall we say, through the quantum leap, as you would call it. [calculation courtesy of David Wilcock Source]

This suggests that the shift is much more gradual than many have previously stated, and that our mental pattern is the biggest factor for determining our evolution. Dan Winter has a device called the heart tuner which can measure the physiological effect of one’s mental patterns on their body. Within the awakening population I have observed a great degree of confusion as to what the nature of mind is and it’s role in our personal evolution which I will try and explain here.

Synchronization Mind by Way of the Body and Spirit

Consider the three aspects of our beingness, mind body and spirit. The Body is a community of 2nd density life which has organized itself into a vehicle for 3rd density beings to indwell and evolve. The Spirit is the higher self aspect which is beyond space and time, a part of us that can be thought of as holographic, meaning it does not change. What aspect of ourselves has the greatest degree of influence, as a result of our choices? What part of us undergoes the greatest degree of change from birth to death? – It is our minds, which is simply the part of us that has awareness, and organizes the things observed into meanings. These meanings can reflect true spiritual values, but not automatically, we can choose to value what we want and explore them accordingly. In this sense there are 2 general classifications for values, egocentric values which limit our growth and spiritual values which enhance our growth. Karma can be thought of as the universal correcting mechanism for revealing our choice not to grow, and as such provides ‘resistance’ for us in our personal experiences.

Note about Mind, Heart and Emotion – The definition of mind which we are using, and is described in the Law of One and many spiritual works is different than that of various spiritual teachers which describe the mind as only uncontrollable thoughts or mind chatter. It is very important to acknowledge how we define terms because it literally affects how our thoughts are organized which affects evolution. Therefore, the definition of mind we are using is anything we become aware of, essentially it is consciousness in motion. Emotion is the energy charge, either negative or positive of something we have become aware of, as it relates to our choices about it; either fear or love – acceptance or denial.

The experience Disgust is an excellent example of this. Often as children we find vegetables disgusting, which is simply a choice to deny the experience we are having at a deep level. This choice is dynamic, meaning it is like a moving thing, and the next time we encounter the object which we defined as ‘disgusting’ it will reflect back to us our previous choices; the law of one describes this as inertia. Inertia is simply the tendency of things in motion to stay in motion until another force acts upon it. Using our disgusting vegetable example, when we accept the experience of eating the vegetable (loving choice), we allow ourselves to develop an appreciation of it and transmute the previous choice of non-growth.

Therefore in this definition of mind, emotions are part of the mental aspect of consciousness and the heart is the part of us that is providing a compass or guide so that we can make a new choice. Much like when we feel pain from touching a hot plate, it allows us to make a new choice, to pull our hand away from the hot object.

Evolution of Mind

Within hermetic philosophy and various other spiritual works, including the Law of One, it is stated that the universe is a mental construct, we are ‘dreamers in the dream of the all’ or aspects of the creator in the “illusion”. Since the physical laws of the universe are a reflection of the spiritual we can understand this mechanism of personal evolution as a tension differential. For example, if we look at the way heat is transferred from one object to another, it is a synchronization process. A pot sitting atop a hot kitchen stove is at a certain temperature which is less than the heating coil or flame underneath it; a heat differential. Over a period of time the two systems of motion (the objects in the system) equalize to produce a final product; a pot which has the same temperature as the stove.

The Body and Spirit are the 2 things which facilitate the synchronization of mind. For clarity the heart is an aspect of mind as well, since everything is one or in unity, the new age belief that the mind must be abandoned for the heart is a misconception. The body does undergo changes, but this is a co-creative process, meaning we as individuals or personalities work with the body from the moment of conception, using it as a receiver for sensation and information, which is funneled through the central nervous system into the brain, and then through the pineal gland into the super-material region of mind. The spirit or higher self is fixed or unchanging, it exists beyond space and time and is in the region of eternity.

Taking all this into account, for us in 3rd density, the body allows us to explore desires, sensations and experiences which flow into the mind and are organized into meanings. We experience life in the ‘real world’ which is governed by Natural Law and appears to be ‘deterministic’ – no matter how hard we try to force our will on to the world it won’t change the laws of nature. But we can understand the laws of nature and work with them to achieve our desires.

The reason why the Sphere Beings or Blue Avians are helping to diffuse this energy is because the minds of humanity as a whole are greatly out of sync with the energies being offered for evolution. The Cabal knows enough about this process to focus a great deal of energy on keeping us locked in static and fixed belief systems which hinder the growth of mind. They employ mass mind control at nearly every level in addition to disrupting the body itself. Food is heavily manipulated to create disturbances in the body (disease) which makes us feel like victims. Defining our experience as such creates an inertia of non-growth; instead of recognizing that our bodies are sick from the foods we eat we think it is random, and never seek to know the truth, which creates a limiting belief system and mental stagnation.

Dan Winter again is an excellent resource for the physiological effects of living life on earth, which greatly limits our bodies and as such our mental evolution. See this video for a very detailed explanation of this. The lack of electromagnetic connection to the earth, wearing rubber shoes and dwelling in harmonically dissonant electrically insulated environments (the actual electricity running in the walls) has the effect of desynchronizing our bodies to the environment they are entrained (connected) to. In addition the geometry of buildings (90 degree angles) creates EM dissonance patterns which actually de-organize the EM field vs organizing them. This creates a separation consciousness within, which as we learned above hinders the mind’s ability to grow (synchronize), and in turn means a larger differential.

All these systems work to limit soul expression and discovery, locking us into a type of pandemic post traumatic stress syndrome, hindering the ability of DNA to become self-organized. DNA changes it shape as a result of emotional charge, which we previously defined as a totality expression or charge of our collective mental patterns. In other words, when we define most of our experience as ‘bad’ and create a victim mindset, this is experienced as so called ‘negative emotions’ which in turn create a DNA geometry of separation, and prevent the synchronization process offered by the 4th density energy streaming in.

David Wilcock often mentions Padmasambhava and hundreds of cases of ‘ascension’ by buddhist monks. Given the discussion above we now have a scientific basis to understand how their practice works. It is a mental alchemy or tuning to the universe itself using symbols, chants and meditation. Because human nature is programable, our choices and definitions of experience literally affect our emotional signature, which affects the physical reality around us. Emotions have a biological component, and an energetic or electromagnetic component. The monks’ process use a method of thought form transmutation, whereby they systematically reprogram their mental definitions to include more of reality as a whole within. Because the unconscious aspect of mind ‘sees all’, we can reorganize the programs to reflect more of reality as a whole, which is a synchronization process. Eventually there is a critical mass reached and with an act of will they can complete the synchronization process finally ascending from this plane of existence.

What this means is that the normal process of mental evolution has been greatly hindered by our choice to remain ignorant and accept the control offered by the Cabal. As a result, the energy streaming in must be attenuated (down stepped in intensity) for humanities level of mental evolution as a whole. If they did not assist us in this process the energy would be so great most of humanity would essentially, go insane. When we experience high intensity sensations, and have no logical or rational process for making sense of them (knowledge), it creates a traumatic pattern within, which causes disassociation; a type of mental quarantine.

An excellent example of this are psychedelic experiences. Those who can find a way to make sense of the experience will often be greatly empowered, and studies have shown the beneficial effects of these experiences. Conversely, those who cannot make sense of it, will be deeply traumatized and dissociated; Syd Barrett from Pink Floyd is a case study of this phenomenon.

Chemtrails are another part of this mental stagnation program pushed by the Cabal, as they literally disrupt the coherent energy streaming in from the Sun, which per the Law of One quote above has been increasing in intensity since 1936.

In other words this is the perfect way for the Blue Avians, or the brothers and sisters of sorrow, who are morally culpable for what has happened on earth, to ‘heal their karma’ while also offering help to us in a service to others modality. This is a plan of great wisdom as it does not rob us of our own paths of personal evolution; a ‘win win scenario’. In one comment on Dr. Salla’s post on our blog, one person was wondering why they didn’t come and help us sooner; a type of cosmic rescue. At a fundamental level the Cabal’s power is maintained by our acquiescence, and as such if we fail to take the corrective action to stop the madness, we won’t have grown as a result, and ascension would be impossible.

As such the Blue Avians will provide a ‘mercey dispensation’ diffusing the energies and slowly increasing them in addition to forcing the Cabal to disclose the truth, and create enough ‘pain’ in society (implosion of the financial system) to help break the inertia of past choice which much of humanity is presently stuck in.

Now that I have provided a some of the scientific evidence for what Corey is discussing, I will offer some commentary on other portions of this update.

[Corey’s Answer Part 2] The Sphere Alliance happened to choose the SSP Alliance (That was not just the Solar Warden Group) because they had made a conscious decision to bring the end of the control and slavery of Earth Humans by “Trickster Gods” who were custodian aliens and their worshipers/followers whom we have lumped under an umbrella name such as “The Cabal”/”Illuminati”. The SSP Alliance had decided that it was time to give every Human on the planet access to their full and true history, suppressed technologies that would lengthen and enhance their lives as well as collapse the world Financial Debt Slave Systems (AKA Babylonian Money Magic Slave System). This put the SSP Alliance in a greater percentage “Service To Others” category than any other group in our Sol System that was made up of Earth Humans fighting for the freedom of Earth Humans. They definitely had their drawbacks being warriors who were looking to use violence to obtain the desired freedom. The Sphere Alliance is a nonviolent group and there has been quite a lot of adjustments for the SSP Alliance to make (as well as some mistakes) in the process of developing a workable partnership with a group of 6th through 9th Density Beings that have a completely different way of doing things.

Corey mentions that the Blue Avians chose Solar Warden and other groups because “they had made a conscious decision to bring the end of the control and slavery of Earth.” This simple choice was the stopping of past inertia or forgiveness healing karma, and was all that was needed to provide a venue for their assistance. The work is far from complete, but now the path of growth has been chosen. It is in contrast to a victim mind set which does not conceive of any personal action being taken to end the thing they feel victimized about. This is a choice of bravery as well, swinging the pendulum from fear and isolation to personal empowerment and co-creation.

Hence Corey’s further statement: “The SSP Alliance had decided that it was time to give every Human on the planet access to their full and true history, suppressed technologies that would lengthen and enhance their lives as well as collapse the world Financial Debt Slave Systems (AKA Babylonian Money Magic Slave System). This put the SSP Alliance in a greater percentage “Service To Others” category than any other group in our Sol System that was made up of Earth Humans fighting for the freedom of Earth Humans.

Freedom in a general sense could have been gained by a violent revolution, by eye for an eye morality or mob rule. But this manner of action defines the Cabal as inherently evil or the enemy which ‘must be purged.’ In truth there are no inherently evil people, but there are incomplete and erroneous ideas accepted and acted upon by humanity. In this sense the cabal have been led astray by a type of thought program, which has been pushed on to generations of Illuminati family members, and while they are definitely morally culpable for their actions, as a whole people we create further division and limitation by having a violent revolution. Forgiveness is the key, as is mentioned so often in the Law of One. Why? because it facilitates mental evolution and growth.

Q2. Please describe some of the advanced technology given to Solar Warden to offset the prior technological advantage held by the Cabal/Illuminati forces on Earth opposed to full disclosure?

The Sphere Alliance has setup 2 “Energy Barriers” that cannot be penetrated by any beings or technology (be they 3/4D or 4/5D beings). One is the “Outer Barrier” which completely closes off the entire Sol System (including Gate/Portal travel) from travel into or out of the system. The other is a “Barrier” that surrounds the Earth. It keeps every Being and Craft/Technology that was either On Earth or in Near Earth Orbit from leaving a certain distance from the Planet. There are active Gates/Portals that allow travel between Planets within the Sol System. However those Portals are affected by these “Energetic Tsunami Waves” at times and regular travel is ill advised and can be dangerous. The technology provided directly to the SSP Alliance has ALL been of a defensive nature. It allows the Alliance to disrupt weapons systems, cloaking systems and highly shield vessels and locations from various types of high energy beam and torsion field weapons (torsion weapons that rip apart buildings or craft by twisting the space/time fabric that the structure exists in at the moment causing the targeted structure to rip apart etc…)

Further commentary by Corey on Dr. Michael Salla’s post: 

In Question 2 I meant to say the SSP Alliance has only been provided technology of a “Defensive” Nature. Not Offensive.


In order to understand why ‘negative ET’s’ and lower density craft cannot penetrate these barriers I theorize that we would need to discuss the dynamics of time-space, as described by Reciprocal Systems Theory. For a more detailed explanation of that physics see the write up in the article Precognition Explained: Science Shows How Our Body Reacts To Events Up To 10 Seconds Before They Happen.

The 4th and 5th density are the transitional densities trending more towards time-space energy states. Our 3rd density reality is mostly a space-time energy with the mind operating in time-space; see the post Secret Space Program, ET’s, Time Travel, Off World Civilizations, Memory Wiping | Part 1 Michael Salla Q and A with Insider GoodETxSG Corey for more on this.

What this means is that energy patterns in higher densities can override lower density structures like space craft, what Dan Winter calls ‘heavy metal’ technology. These energy barriers can most likely be detected by SSP and Dark Fleet groups (negative ET’s) who can choose to acknowledge their superior status and not interfere. But if they do interfere their energy of aggression is reflected back onto them. Within a Natural Law understanding this essentially reflects their dishonorable actions back on to them, and any destructive effects are the ‘karma’ of their own choices. David Wilcock mentioned that Pine Gap is a particle beam weapon facility that attempted to destroy a Blue Avian Sphere. The energy from this weapon was reflected back to the installation and it was allegedly destroyed killing everyone inside. It may seem like this is an aggressive action on the part of these so called highly evolved beings, but within the Natural Law framework discussed above is actually a perfect way of offering growth in the form of karma.

Q4. Please describe how Solar Warden uses metal expanding technology given to it by the Sphere Alliance to disable more advanced weapons systems controlled by the Cabal/Illuminati on Earth? 

This technology is actually an older tech that was developed by “US” some time ago. It causes some metals to expand and magnetize making the needed moving parts not capable of moving. This works well against kinetic energy weapons like firearms and missiles. It can also cause malfunctions in conventional aircraft and have other practical uses. This has been around for quite some time but has not been used so widely to prevent assassinations and certain attacks until the Alliance started doing so when they were urged more and more to find nonviolent ways to achieve the results they used to achieve through other means by the Sphere Alliance.

This is one more example of wisdom in action. The Blue Avians want to stop the violence, now that the SSP groups have chose to serve others, but cannot rob the violent groups of their karma. Again the ‘harm’ incurred upon someone who takes aggressive action is self harm, and from a spiritual perspective offers growth. Even if someone dies as a result of the experience, in between lives they can grow profoundly, which is described in detail within the Law of One.

Q5. Russia’s President Putin is allegedly aligned with and supported by the Solar Warden/Sphere Alliance, why is Putin and the Russian Federation more supportive of full disclosure?

Putin and other elements of the “Earth Based Alliance” that make up the BRICS Alliance among others that dove tail together are all working for the common goal of defeating the “Satanic/Luciferian Cabal” that is now in control of the majority of the world and responsible for not only amazing deceptions of his and other countries populations but also some of the most horrific Crimes Against Humanity that have ever taken place in known history. There are many of these crimes that have become more and more known through recent disclosures behind the scenes. This has only caused these groups and people to want to bring down these Secret Earth Government Syndicates now more than ever. Unfortunately some of the “Earth Based Alliance” wants to put into place another Financial Debt Slave System to replace the old one. This is going to be something that is heavily negotiated in the near future. The “East” has stated that “The West has had its 100 years, now the East deserves its 100 years”. This is referring to the giant financial Ponzi Scheme set in place by the Federal Reserve System.

Corey mentions that the Alliance, or the ‘good guys’ are not a totally unified group. Essentially various groups have realized that the madness needs to end, and have their own level of knowledge and wisdom available to achieve that end. A good example of this are people just becoming aware of the Cabal and Illuminati groups, who usually want to ‘string up the bad guys’ as a way of solving the problem. The core factor behind why the Cabal has maintained its power is humanity’s ignorance as a whole. As such we must address the cause, and not the symptom. The symptom of ignorance is slavery, the cure is knowledge and developing wisdom. Mark Passio discusses this extensively in his work.

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Q9. Has President Obama met with Blue Avian/Sphere Alliance at any secret meetings prior to his March 12 statement?

Absolutely Not (and these “Elite Groups” are enraged by not being recognized by the Sphere Alliance). The Blue Avians/Sphere Alliance refuses to directly meet with any “Cabal” linked persons or groups. They will not meet directly with the Illuminati. This is why they have had “Representatives” or “Delegates” attend various Federation meetings for them as well as meet with various “Comities” that represent these Secret Earth Government Syndicates.

I think the reason why the Blue Avians refuse to meet directly with the Cabal is that they have not made the choice to be service to others and end the slavery on earth. The Cabal is interested in self preservation it would seem, and to that end, they are not ‘seeking’ which the Law of One describes as being essential for making contact with various groups; in this case the Blue Avians and the Cabal meeting.


Within Natural Law, and by extension Trust Law, there must be full transparency and disclosure in order for negotiations to take place; Equity or Contract Law. Since the Cabal does not have a genuine intention, there is no trust. The Blue Avians are deeply aware of these realities and as such can not abrogate the Cabal’s free will choice to remain egocentric or service to self. Additionally, they choose to work with humans who have made the choice to be open, the SSP groups who have defected and as such provide a pathway for karmic correction. They cannot force the Cabal to ‘switch sides’ but they can work with others and by proxy offer the choice to defect.

Q11. Why did the ICC decide to ally itself with Solar Warden and the Sphere Alliance, rather than continue to work with the Cabal/Illuminati who are generally thought to own and exercise great power over major corporations?

The ICC has not joined the SSP Alliance. Only some “Cells” or “Groups” have broken away and defected to the SSP Alliance in recent months. This has been a blessing and a curse. This ended up causing some major ethical struggles inside the Alliance as well as 2 “Atrocities” that were very upsetting to many. It involved 2 attacks based on actionable intelligence provided by some defectors and ended up having a very high rate of collateral damage of innocent lives. This caught up to the SSP Alliance recently karma wise and ended up in the attack on some of the Alliance Personnel involved in the “Atrocities”. This was very recent and apart of this past weekend’s meetings.

Here Corey further underscores the non black and white nature of the groups working either under the banner of the Cabal or the Alliance. I do not know the exact nature of contact between the Blue Avians and the Alliance, but given the extreme care for free will that Ra employs in the Law of One, I posit that their contact is much less executive and more advisory.

By that I mean, instead of the Blue Avians giving orders to the Alliance who then carries it out, as if they have some type of ‘fool proof plan’ for earth’s liberation, they work with the human groups who have flipped sides, and must allow for these groups to gain wisdom on their own. Wisdom is knowledge experienced and as such the risk of error and misstep is always present. I think this also explains why the ‘big red freedom button’ hasn’t been pressed. The dynamics occurring behind the scenes are much less black and white then some would like to think in the awakening community. And this explains why things haven’t progressed as quickly as some would like.

Q13. Previously, you have described five secret space programs, two of which mainly operate outside of our solar system – a NATO Type SSP and a Dark Fleet. Are these latter two still subject to a solar system wide quarantine by the Sphere Alliance from returning to our solar system?

Yes, there have been several petitions for the NATO Type SSP Group to return as well as to allow some innocent Alien/ET Groups who were here on peaceful scientific missions to leave. All requests have been denied and the Outer Barrier will be maintained until after the “Event” and everyone has answered for their parts in what has gone on in the Sol System over the last however many thousands of years that they have decided (Grand Cycle etc…)

It may seem this denial to gain re entry is arbitrarily harsh on the part of the Blue Avians, but I suspect that this is also offering healing and growth to these individuals trapped outside the solar system. The “event” mentioned by Corey is most likely the Trial and Disclosure. This will provide these groups an opportunity to forgive and correct their own Karma, and will presumably be allowed to enter the solar system for the energetic shift of the Sun and solar system shortly after Disclosure.

Q14. In an April conference presentation in San Francisco, David Wilcock described a timetable with 2017 as the year by which full disclosure is going to happen. What can you tell us about any timetable the Sphere Alliance/Solar Warden has to disclose the truth to the world public?

I have not seen this timetable or date anywhere or been given it in any briefings personally. There were multiple “Time Windows” that were put forth that were all listed between the 2018 – 2023 time frame in various programs. However this was prior to the Sphere Alliance and many other things that seem to be pushing the time frame forward. It is getting more and more difficult for them to maintain this illusion that we live in down on the planet with all of the energetic changes and changes in the mass consciousness. I think putting out a date is a bad idea myself. But it could very well be 2017, as fast as things are moving it could very well be 2015/2016 as well. The Sphere Beings have put it all on us and when we decide to wake up and expand our consciousness to the point to where we realize its co-creative power. Once we do we can make things happen on our own timetable.

Given the mechanics of mental entrainment and synchronization we discussed above, it makes sense that there are no ‘hard and fast’ dates for the energetic shift. The Blue Avians are most likely here to attenuate the energies for maximum ‘harvest’ or evolution on the part of humanity. As such our choices and actions are the essential component behind all of this, hence their constant advice to ‘raise our vibrations.’

COBRA’s work also alludes to this, wherein he describes ‘windows of opportunity’ where humanity can make great changes in consciousness and activation. The point is that there is no ‘time clock’ for ascension. WE ARE AN ESSENTIAL PART OF THIS AWAKENING. Within Natural Law, we can not be forced to ascend, but by choosing not to grow, we can disassociate from the reality around us that is making the choice to ascend. Death of the body vehicle is in this sense a personal choice to dissociate, in some cases (not all, by any means). Many of the health problems on Earth are largely a result of our poor choices and failure to gain knowledge of how our bodies and the environment work together. Granted the Cabal is hardly blameless, but this is an example of our choice to ignore creating karma which is experienced as Death, and most likely is reflected on in between lives during the reincarnation process, providing an experience for learning and growth.

Q16. Is there currently a disclosure race happening between the Cabal/Illuminati and the Solar Warden/Sphere Alliance in terms of how much information should be released and how this frames key issues?

Yes, When FULL Disclosure occurs it will also come with the disclosure of massive crimes against humanity that will send the bulk of society into shock for some time. The fact that there are aliens will not be as disruptive or shocking as what all the “Elites” have done in secret during the time they were hiding the existence of aliens and most of all the high technology that would have ended the financial system decades ago.

IF the “CABAL/ILLUMINATI” can control the Disclosure they can also control the narrative and spin of disclosure they think to make themselves come out looking better in the end. They had planned on being off planet when all this info broke. Now that they are stuck here with everyone else they are all turning on each other and spinning and cutting deals as fast as they can. They know what the population will call for if there is full and unfettered disclosure of our true history along with the release of suppressed technologies and the existence of alien life.

They MUST do everything they can to control the narrative and manner that this information is disclosed. This is a much more complicated situation than most realize. Complete disclosure is going to leave many of the world’s population calling for “heads to roll”.

In my own research, there are many things discovered which have deeply affected me. Despite all my work I can tend to be an emotional wreck with some of the more ‘horrific’ aspects of what has happened on Earth. Despite this I am constantly being reminded that all of this serves us on our personal growth. From our perspective it seems unnecessarily cruel and causes us to doubt the highly loving nature of existence as a whole. I plan on releasing some very intense data in the future, which I have held back on disclosing, because I did not want to turn people away from the truth. But I feel the more data that is revealed before the full disclosure the easier it will be to reconcile and make sense of it. Our choice to bravely seek the truth and allow it to grow within us, helps raise our vibrations and speeds up the process of energetic activation.

Q17. Do you think that the 2016 President Elections might be a forum by which disclosure happens through individuals such as John Podesta and Hillary Clinton how have been involved in prior disclosure events by the Clinton and Obama administrations?

NO, No political races or outcomes will lead to any type of disclosure.

I do not know Corey’s reasoning for so vehemently stating that political races will not lead to any type of disclosure, but I do want to clarify that governments the world over are illegitimate deceptive frauds, which have duped the people into participating in their ‘elections.’

Essentially there are 2 types of governments, de jure and de facto. De jure governments are founded on honesty and truth, but rarely has any such governing body been allowed to operate on Earth. Some of the Native American nations, prior to the invasion of the Europeans, were a good example of de jure government. De facto government is a criminal or occupying force which slowly gains the consent of the people to be governed, usually employing deception, coercion and manipulation. The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Inc. has been a de facto body since at least the mid 1800’s. Remembering the ‘tree of law’ described above, these governing bodies are in breach of trust on a massive scale, and as such voting for these bogus and fraudulent leaders is a vote to keep the cabal in power. For more on this see Judge Anna’s articles here.

Q18. Is Pope Francis playing a strong behind the scenes role in disclosing the truth about extraterrestrial life? Is he involved in any capacity with the current meetings with Blue Avians?

The Vatican is lumped in with the Secret Earth Governments and are not being recognized or permitted audiences with the Sphere Beings. They have been rotating in as Delegates in the Human-like ET Federation that has been mentioned.

Q19. It has been claimed that President Obama cannot take any action in revealing the truth about extraterrestrial life, until the Vatican has done so. Is the planned meeting between President Obama and Pope Francis on September 23 significant for extraterrestrial disclosure?

They may decide as a part of the process of doing a controlled disclosure to control the narrative to allow the Vatican to release some information. I am very doubtful. There are many scandals of so many groups that they are trying to keep in Pandora’s Box when they crack it open to allow the disclosure of “Alien Life” to be known. They may very well be deciding how exactly they are going to control the narrative and how to let out information about alien life and suppressed technology without letting out the full information about their crimes and scandals. That would be a difficult meeting and problem to try to figure out on their end.

We have been covering the activities of the Pope for some time on this blog, and it would appear some efforts are being made. Some have claimed that Pope Francis is a walk-in or working for the light force; for more on this see the post Vatican to Recognize Palestinian State in New Treaty. Corey’s response suggest that this group is probably trying to spin disclosure in their favor and create a ‘soft slavery system,’ as such has not made the complete choice to service others like the SSP Alliance groups did. Despite this possibility, I want to further underscore that everyone is on their on path back to source, and we should not fall into a mind set of revenge or black and white belief systems of good and bad.

Q20. In your most recent update, you say that you met with Blue Avian/Sphere Alliance extraterrestrials over the weekend of May 9-10, can you describe who else attended this meeting and where it was held?

It was just myself and the Blue Avian named “Tear-Eir”. It was a “One on One” meeting to discuss some of the recent issues with the SSP Alliance, some of the recent Energetic Tsunami Waves and their effects on the population as well as some upcoming meetings that I am going to be asked to attend. [More info here] [I offered commentary on that update here.]

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Things have moved to a whole new level

With the upcoming release of Articles by Researchers I Respect and Trust enough to engage with, Video Interviews to be released FREE on YouTube (Along with a Free E-book), Discussion of a Disclosure Series on with David Wilcock, and planned “Skype” Interviews with Researchers as well as well-known Online Web Show Hosts creating a News Letter to keep people informed seemed to be an important and natural next step.

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Further response by Corey from other commenters on Dr. Michael Salla’s post: 


I was with the DIA a few short years [The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) is the main foreign military espionage organization of the United States, operating under the jurisdiction of Department of Defense (DoD)].

Access is limited to working partners and cross reference programs, projects, and activity. The Navy Space Operations Group has a program that people mistakenly call Solar Warden. Not called solar warden. 1996 they had different space planes, heavy lift rockets, at least one military space shuttle (not Nasa but looked like the Soviet only shuttle, Soviet copied not NASA space Shuttles but the Military Space shuttles why it looks different and larger greater pay load ) there was a space station up there with black screening camo all over [it] with little lights looking like stars. They had inter space shuttles that stayed in orbit. All I knew [had knowledge and experience of due to my involvement] was inter orbit ops, no moon ops and no interplanetary ops. Nothing exotic. No disks, no aliens, nothing like that.

As far as moon missions there was a follow up program to the moon, after the apollo 17. It was not called apollo 18,19 nor 20. It was called a totally different name, NASA did the mission control work along with military. How many missions i never knew. There were packages instruments placed on the moon. Dark side or back side landings and a telescope system moon space telescope . There were radar and signal arrays placed on the moon. This kept going to the 1980’s. If they continued or made a base i have no knowledge [of it]. Space planes were never canceled they kept working and making new models. Different sizes and capabilities. This program put more people in orbit then nasa. As far as any large ships no [I] knowledge of.

Air Force had a much smaller program named after our sun. It was called SOL for the name of sun, they were not a partner agency so i have no knowledge of at all. I dont know what they had. No other space programs or breakaway civilizations existed [as far as I know]; no one else had the program. Russians partnered up a bit, but to what extent [I have] no idea. This is all fact, but no one spoke of aliens or ufo’s ever.

Not saying they don’t exist, just no knowledge [of it] at all. Space weapons yes many exotic, yes very very scary. In the 1970 both sides had satellites armed with nukes hundreds, [but] they would degrade and burn up. They stopped that but 10 years a scary program. Maybe [this is] why we have so many cancers [on earth]. Dont know about true anti gravity but there were gravity augmenting , gravity assist and gravity buffer. Of course there were exotic propulsion but had no knowledge of any gravity crafts as ufo are rumored to be [‘true’ anti gravity].

The NSA and space complex had many many space probes and landers, more advanced and many more than the NASA probes. The data points and results or findings of these probes are classified. Most of the data is nothing new but classified to protect the programs. We have guard dog satellites that orbit in earth’s solar orbit ahead [of earth] and behind [it]. I think 6. They orbit earth’s exact track around the sun I assume they look for debris rocks comets. I don’t know much about those. I know that the voyager probes are not the furthest out [probes humanity sent out into space]. They have very very fast propulsion and probes [that] are way out of [the] solar system. Again [I] only know about not any data. The so called exoplanets that NASA is going crazy for these days have been found by the space group and NSA, by their signal intel tech and space satellites years ago. Now for some reason they hand those coordinates to the ‘Wise [people]’ in NASA, and wow they just happen to find these [same exoplanets].

[I think] this is hopeful though, [for] may be some future disclosure. Ok no time travel programs that I knew of. No psychic training contactee crap. These people [NASA] are dis info, and beware [these] guys [are] liar. Watch out for those who say and answer everything. I know very little and no one knows all. If they say I don’t know to some questions then that’s credible.

Ok now to a few intel rumors. I heard.

1. If there [are] others on planets we know [of] and some of them are human, like us.

2. There was a flyby mission of venus orbit and probe landers returned,

3. [The] Fly by mission and 6 days orbit on mars returned [as well]. These are rumors I heard, [and] thought [them] to be true, well within [the SSP] capabilities. Never heard of a Mars landing or base. We do not work with contactees or psychics. I never saw a ufo or alien and [I] never knew anything about them; we didn’t discuss that either. That is all I know from [being] a DIA agent, around the 1990’s time. All [I shared is] 100 percent fact. I knew [only] a little back then, so more could have gone on. Also I have no knowledge [of SSP activities] since [the] early 2000 so [the] last 15 years. So this guy [Corey] is bs. I dont know of dis info groups but he could be or a nut. Or given false info. I would have run across this so none of that is true at all.

I find it interesting that Christopher calls Corey a ‘nut’ and that all his information is ‘bs.’ The actual data he offers doesn’t seem to conflict with Corey’s data overtly. Further, there is a great deal of ‘need to know’ in these groups [click here for the narrative by David Wilcock covering this] and his lack of knowledge of the SSP’s is hardly proof that they do not exist. This is a good example of poor critical thinking skills and inaccurate discernment processing. This is partially due to the sense of identity wrapped up in the idea ‘our group was the highest’ a sort of insiders club elitism which helps further entrench the programing offered by the Cabal.

Corey’s response to Christopher:

This is the typical knowledge that was shared by the Airforce Space Command as well. These guys were told that they were at the top of the classification pyramid and that everything in space was “Ours” and that there were no aliens or other space programs.

They tracked some amazing things with Space Fence, and they were all told this is “Our Stuff”. They not only believed it then but even after leaving the service 30 years later they would be willing to get into a fist fight with anyone who said otherwise [Hence Christopher’s response above].

There are so many higher levels above the president and civilian intelligence services of compartmentalization that these lowest groups have no idea exist. They have been told they were at the top of the “Need to Know” chain and they believed it. Therefore anything that is beyond that scope is complete “B.S.”… Some of these people that were later brought into the Alliance and meetings at the LOC had red faces and wider eyes than the civilians who were picked up and delivered to the meetings having never seen any classified technology before. That was an interesting thing to see. When in the meetings you would think they would have the most questions, they ended up sitting back observing and being the quietest people in the conference room.

No matter how high you think you are on the Intel Totem Pole, there is always many levels higher than yourself. The compartmentalization has almost no end. I honestly wish the above and all of the other information was a made up/sci-fi story… It would mean that all of the humans traded off world for technology by the ICC/Cabal never left the Earth and all of those that are prisoners/slaves in these SSP’s do not exist. It would mean that all of the atrocities and deaths that have occurred never happened… Yet they have. And at some point all of us will finally be told about it and all of those responsible for these actions will have to pay for them.

This could not go on in the shadows for ever,


I’ll offer that part of the Cabal’s compartmentalization program is to offer a belief system which is very appealing to who they recruit. It is very much like Cypher from the matrix, who would do anything to go back. Our identity gets wrapped up in the beliefs we have, and letting them go can often be hard to process. Corey does not offer any tangible proof for his data, which makes it all that much easier to dismiss. But those who can discern data for what it says can find the threads of truth woven into all things, something which I think is essential for the process of raising one’s vibration.

Christopher’s response to Corey:

Of course I am aware of Clearances higher than my own, they go so much higher. I had a moderate [level of] clearance [at] the least. I have no knowledge of specific Presidential Clearances, but i know they vary under the two categories, NCA – National Command Authority & National Intelligence Activity. Presidents can choose to know more but their hands are tied on a many things, and I suspect on the subject of Aliens and UFO he [Obama or Putin?] is in the loop but not at all in control.

Now our partner Agency is the NAvy Space Command. Airforce SPace Command does not partner at all with the DIA they are with the CIA on those. TO give you an example how little I know, I KNOW ABSOLUTELY NEXT TO NOTHING ABOUT THE AIR FORCE SPACE COMMAND. People on the outside think Compartmentalization is a unlimited puzzle. It is and it is not. There are Regents like a University System. People in the policy control, advisory and command. Even the most sensitive projects has to have hundreds of people in on [the info]. These days a contractor building a piece of tech knows the gist of what the project is, [but] years ago someone making a gauge for an aircraft had no idea what they were working on. Now a days they have a scope of the applied technology.

I have never seen psychics or paranormal people at all in my workings, not to say they are not used by some. I have never met a person who saw a ufo or [who has been] abducted. I never knew of any other people on other planets or exotic UFO’s. Some of our tech was and is exotic. I [am not] saying your [Corey’s] information is not true, I am saying I never got any of [access to it]; not even close. I would have known [of] some of it and would have had these vehicles or programs cross my path, they had to when tracking space assets. Unless these all were developed after 2000 ? My point is none of the people who claim to have participated in the Secret space Program seem to mention any of the Post Apollo Missions, Space PLanes, SPace Weapons, Secret Probe Missions, or Space Assets. Sure you are [could be] correct [in] what you were involved in was high above my head, and [it is] very possible I never came across it, but the reverse [that christopher is not aware of the other SSP groups] could not be true. Anyone claiming Mars and moon bases and secret interstellar fleets would have to know the basics and the start of the Military Space Program. They would have seen it directly.

Corey’s second response:

Christopher: There are the Earth Military Programs and their smaller low tech programs. I have written in detail about the genesis of how the entire Secret Earth Government Infrastructure was created as well as how the Secret Space Programs grew from them. There are layers over layers of how the Secret Government works on top of the known Military, Government and Civilian Intelligence Infrastructures work. There is also a separate financial system that most even in the highest position above Presiden do not know about. There of course are the semi public faces of the Public Governments Space Programs, The Secret Earth Military Programs that have programs that are developed for secondary “Disclosure” reasons.

Those that do not have access to the full information of the completely separate Secret Earth Governments, Their Syndicates as well the various Secret Space Programs (Or the off world groups that control some of them) they do not have the full picture. The full details of how the SSP first got their start are being detailed in the soon to be released E-Book/Data Download with DW and Video Interviews. The lighter details of how this all began are detailed at the following link in my blog. You may want to invest some time in the other links looking over the other details including the portal technology to get more of a full picture. The people who have served in the higher levels of the Navy/Air Force Space Commands and Civilian Intel Agencies that are used to believing things work a certain way have been the hardest to convince. Even while they have been invited into parts of the programs by the Alliance most recently and briefed. Even while standing on the observation deck of the LOC looking over the lunar surface they would shake their heads, even after their shuttle rides to their meeting. Link:

I do not need to convince those who believe a certain way from their own experiences. There will be a day when we will all be privy to the very dark details. Many will wish to unlearn this information. I do wish us all luck in this journey. We should focus on our own growth in consciousness that I mentioned in the article above. No matter if you believe the details of the ongoing civil war between the Alliance and the Current PTB over our freedom we need to fight for our own freedom from these groups and their influence over our minds.


As a final comment, I strongly resonate with Corey’s latter statement. Instead of focusing on absolute beliefs and rigid definitions, it is far more productive for us to discuss the data offered openly and in the process determine how it can be used to teach us something about ourselves.

The ‘nuts and bolts’ of the coming disclosure will undoubtedly be mind blowing, and it will be very tempting to get caught up in dualistic belief systems which limit our individual growth. Part of my intention with the commentary I offer is to try and discuss the larger philosophic and soul growth aspects of what all this data means.

Despite the horrors pushed on to humanity, they can only remain as such if we hold on to rigid beliefs about them. But the greatest of mysteries is how all things further the growth of all, and even the most seemingly horrific occurrences actually have a deeply spiritual aspect to them. In this sense, so called negative emotions and trauma can only exist within a mind who refuses to transmute them with love. While I am hardly perfect at this transmutation process I recognize the validity of it, and when I do work towards that end, I am always uplifted.

– Justin

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