What Started it All… Lanakila Mangauil confronts and calls out those at “the groundbreaking” (from 10-8-14)

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This goes along with this prior post… perfectly. This very clearly shows the strength of Mauna Kea as she speaks forcefully through Lanakila Mangauil. I had not seen this until just now.


What has always troubled my spirit, ever since I’ve lived here… Someone starts a “development”. Do they ask permission of the land, or the Spirits of the Land whether they have permission to build there? NO. So they go ahead and start their project, and after they’ve already started, then they call in a Kahuna (Hawai’ian priest) to “bless it”.

I call this “DBS”… “Developers Bull Shit”. I’m grateful to Lanakila to have called these ones out on their DBS.

(note: “Hewa” means “mistake, blunder, offense” (perhaps it’s the Hawaiian equivalent of “DBS”))

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