Disclosure Data from GoodETxSG 5-10-15… “Closing of the Threads”

GoodETxSG_gravatar_150_43[UPDATE: Corey messaged and said future Q&A can be posed by following instructions at this blog post.]

Holy threads!! No more threads!! Actually, GoodETxSG / Corey is going to implement an alternative way to receive and answer questions. I post the one from his blog, and a link to the other from the (now halted) forum thread.


Corey/GoodETxSG Change of Location of “Question & Answers” & New Update Posts. No Longer on The One Truth Forum (TOT)

Hello Everyone,

I will be updating my Blog Here and my Web Site to allow me to fully be able to interact with people to do “Questions and Answers” as well as New Update Postings ASAP.

Those that have been following the Thread already know about the very few negative members there that as usual are “Ruiners” off things for the larger group who are very respectful and behave themselves. I hope to put some time and money into upgrading my site in a few ways that will make it an easier environment to continue the work we have started without having to deal with the very negative and lower vibratory energy human beings that are in some cases being manipulated on mental and spiritual levels to cause distractions in the delivery of the “Message” as well as the new information coming in from the off world conferences that have recently occurred and are planned in the very near future.

Thank you for your continued support,
More updates are very close.

This will be some very comprehensive information that will give everyone plenty of data to comb through and research.
Thank you,

See below, the last post to the Q&A Thread on TOT that was closed this evening; http://jandeane81.com/threads/5178-Secret-Space-Program-ET-Federation-Delegation-amp-MILAB-quot-Experiencer-quot-GoodETxSG-quot-Q-amp-A-quot?p=841924251&viewfull=1#post841924251


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