About the 4-28-15 Kīlauea Journey… What Is Happening… and what we did… “Explosion At Volcano Lava Lake”


This happened today… AFTER the mission… Click to enlarge…

[Update: This “explosion event” could be related to the explosion in awareness occurring here and around the planet about Aloha ‘Aina, Mauna Kea, and The Kingdom of Hawai’i.]

I’ve been feeling amazingly “drained” all day, and even now, but I will finish this short post.

The 4-28-15 “Journey”, which I was called on yesterday, I could tell was a mission. Something about connecting with the fire of Kīlauea and opening it further, so the energies of transformation and formation of New Earth would come forth. And stuff like that.

All I can say is I first went to the Jaggar Observatory overlook, where I heard three girls (young ladies) speaking Hawaiian. Then went to Kīlauea overlook, and connected there, and did a ceremony, of which I remember nothing. Finally, I returned to Jaggar parking lot, and went past the rope and found a location (in the “forbidden zone”; which clearly was inviting me in) in complete privacy. That’s where I videoed the “best” video.

I sat there for maybe 15-30 minutes (no idea), and just sat and enjoyed the dancing lava lake in the vent.

Then just now I saw this in Big Island Video News (BIVN)… “Lava Lake Reaches Rim, No Overflow Yet“.

Now I just checked BIVN again. Remember, my Hawai’ian name, Kauila, means “Lightning”, and on occasion I’ve gone places where, the next day, something “exploded”. Here’s the title: Explosion At Volcano Lava Lake. Here’s the video.

(note there appears to be a small splash-up of lava onto the Halema’uma’u floor).

Did we (I) do this? Perhaps no, perhaps yes. In any event, something happened during the mission to Kīlauea early this 28th, and it certainly appears we accomplished what we went there to do.

Aloha Kp

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