From Kingdom of Hawai’i Blog… Ali`i Nui Mō`ī Edmund K. Silva, Jr., 4-2-15… “King’s Message… ‘Cease All Operations’ [on Mauna Kea]”

kingdom_of_hawaii_seal_of_the_king_11This letter was recently posted at the Kingdom of Hawai’i blog. My sense and feelings about all this were pretty well outlined in the previous post. The letter below, written to Big Island Mayor Billy Kenoi, Chief of Police Harry S. Kubojiri, and the Hawaii DLNR, is very clear, and sends a very power-filled statement to those who continue to illegally occupy this Kingdom of Hawai’i. Choices are being made, by them, whether they will align with the Kingdom, and the Light of the Higher Kingdom, or not.

Highlights below are mine.

“As you and most of the Hawaiian community know, Mauna Kea is considered sacred land. Traditionally, very few Hawaiians ever entered what was considered the realm of the Gods. You also know that for many years, those who want to build telescopes within these lands have proceeded to do so over the objections of those who seek to protect the sacred site. The latest intrusion is an 18 story monstrosity known as the Thirty Meter Telescope.

“As the Kingdom returns to its rightful place among the community of nations, the restored government will review all existing agreements made by the occupying force in violation of the sovereignty of the Kingdom… The presumption will be that the contracts [to sell, lease, transfer ownership of land] were made illegally because they are based on the illegal overthrow of the Kingdom government and/or the suppression of the traditional faith.

The telescopes, in particular will be among the earliest matters to be addressed. Those making major investments in these projects should be aware that the Kingdom may find that the contracts under which they have operated are null and void.

“I am ordering the County of Hawai’i and all other entities complicit in the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope and the arrest of those acting to prevent that construction to Cease and Desist. All work on the telescope should be suspended. All those arrested should be freed and charges dropped.

“I am prepared to open discussions with the proponents of this project in order for them to understand the basis for the reexamination that will take place as the Kingdom government is reanimated… I look forward to working with you as we transition the occupying government off the islands and celebrate the restoration of the Kingdom through the building of a sustainable, self-reliant, non-aligned nation offering peace making services to the world.

[From Kingdom of Hawai’i blog]

“Initial construction is beginning on a huge telescope to be built on top of Mauna Kea. This mountain is considered very sacred by Hawaiians. The new telescope will join many others built over the objections of those seeking to protect the sacred site. People engaging in non-violent resistance to the continued desecration are being arrested.

In response to the initiation of construction and the arrests, the King issued a Cease and Desist Order to County and State officials. A copy of that Order is attached.

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