Opportunity to Send Light and Love…Germanwings A320 Airbus crashes in French Alps…

germanwings_airbus_crash_students_150324There are many articles on this right now. I’ll post a couple of links below.

Guaranteed that this was a false flag. I see that as the strongest possibility at this time.

Let’s see… Germany, France (UK), both have aligned now with the AIIB (that Asia bank). I’m sure you might be able to find a lot more connections. And remember back in January when France supported Palestine independence… –> Charlie Hebdo.

Airbus A320 plane crash in Southern France LIVE UPDATES

““The plane was obviously in a situation when normally no dangers occur. They were on a cruising level at an altitude of some 39,000 feet, where normally nothing is going on. But shortly after having reached this cruising altitude, [the plane] went down again, and that can only happen in normal circumstances if there was some very serious technical problem,” [former head of the German Civil Aviation Department, Professor Thilo] Schmidt told RT.”

‘Darkest day’: German school mourns class wiped out in air crash

“Schoolchildren in the German town of Haltern wept openly and lit candles for 16 students and two teachers who died when their plane crashed in the Alps on Tuesday. They were returning from an exchange trip to Spain…

” “They were flying home after having what was probably the most wonderful time of their lives,” said Sylvia Loehrmann, the education minister for the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, where the school is located. “It’s so tragic, so sad, so unfathomable.”…

“All 150 people aboard flight 4U9525 died, 67 of whom are reported to be German citizens. The plane – operated by Lufthansa’s budget subsidiary Germanwings – gained altitude after leaving Barcelona, before apparently plummeting downwards for eight minutes and colliding with an Alpine mountainside on the French border.”

I like to remember that this is an opportunity to see all of those affected in the highest vibration of Light, and send Light, Love, and Support to all of them.

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