From Starship Earth 3-6-15… “Signs of Something Positive Under Way”

starship_earth_the_big_picture_header_3Saw this a few days ago, and felt BP has some helpful items pointed out here to help us all see that “Yes, there really are some positive things underway on this planet.


Signs of Something Positive Under Way

Before we get into what’s going on, I wanted to take this opportunity to share that Starship Earth now has 8 million hits as of Monday morning, the 2nd of March, and I can’t wait to see our new Flat Earth banner once the contest results are final. Thank you everyone for your great submissions. I appreciate your efforts.

It seems like a LOT is happening out there!

Judging from Cobra’s portal, the Resistance Movement has been busy with a lot of strategic operations, one after another, after another.

There have been no chemtrails for a few days where I am, and a friend who listened to Drake’s Wed. March 4th show says Drake suggested we should not be surprised to see chemtrail plains simply disappear from the sky. (Read: get picked off by the ETs)  I know that will make a lot of people very happy.

Part of that process may have been what Dani from ‘Removing the Shackles’ witnessed over Morocco in the video of the ‘dogfight’ she shared.

If this is true, it indeed supports my belief that the Galactics are out of patience. Those members of the cabal deemed to have the capacity to be rehabilitated have been absorbed into Humanity as positive forces of change and whistleblowers or removed from the planet, and any who are left had better watch their backs because their evil acts will no longer be tolerated. Could that be because they have a deadline they are working toward, now? Perhaps.

I think it also speaks to the status of the missions under way by the Resistance Movement to eliminate the physical threats the cabal holds over Humanity (hidden weapons). We were originally told that the Galactics had to keep their interference at the minimum because if they didn’t, the cabal could “freak out” and do something drastic that would take the lives of thousands or even millions of Humans.

The stepped up actions of the Star Nations lately suggests to me that there is much less threat left to Humanity. They’re not pulling their punches to the degree they were.

The ships and pieces of space craft plummeting to Earth all over the globe in January and February are testament to the fact that the gloves are off, as well. The days of “non-interference” are over. The people of Earth have begged for assistance (and they NEED it) to remove the reptilians and their slave system from our planet and that request is apparently being honoured. As I have been saying for almost three years, “they will never surrender” and little mercy may be shown from here on to the members of the New World Order.

If you haven’t seen this footage from White Sands missile testing grounds in New Mexico, it shows a saucer crashing in 1996. Distressing, but it has happened many times on our planet and been covered up and withheld from Humanity.

In the same message today my ‘contact’ also said major strikes against the American people at the hands of the cabal were foiled by the good guys. (at the 1 hr mark in Drake’s radio show and again in the second hour.)

Apparently the psychopaths spent a fortune to set up the operation and they lost their investment. Had their plan come to fruition, who can say what would have happened? Drake said there was intervention on the ground and from the Galactics, as well.

He said he would share some info on his website on Thursday about the “new ETs” that David Wilcock spoke of. That would be the Blue Avians, I take it.

Since the Galactics can see all, hear all, and read minds if they choose to tap in… I don’t see any danger of the cabal being able to pull off anything major. The benevolent ETs “detained” some negative ETs and took them out of commission.

The weapons they planned to use in these major attacks were to be deployed this week and would have taken out a lot of American people and caused utter chaos—and not only in the States. America is not an island, after all. Those weapons, he says, were “vapourized”.

Did the cabal’s evil mission have anything to do with that power/communication outage in Arizona, Oklahoma, Florida and other states last week? Good question, and perhaps it did.

Drake also mentioned that perhaps we noticed the lamestream news has been very quiet and low-key. He says that is because that murder plot was foiled. As we know, the lamestream “news” is written and disseminated to the major networks ahead of time. So—when the corporate-supplied news is to be all about the next horrific act of war on the part of the New World Order against America but nothing happens—they have nothing to read on the teleprompter! LOL, and I doubt if they’re great at ad lib.

ET fleet visits the President in Washington,1952


I found it encouraging that one of the two episodes of Unsealed: Alien Files on Sunday was titled “Disclosure”, and in it they came right out and said there were distinct signs ‘the government’ is preparing for official disclosure of the extraterrestrials.

Although they include a lot of disinfo and a little fear-mongering in their programmes (although nothing worse than any of the scary space/alien movies) as well as some wild hypotheses, I feel that in their entirety these docu-dramas are a terrific effort to wake people up and at the very least get them to consider some possibilities due to the documented history they share.

Archuleta Mesa – sight of the alleged Dulce underground base

I was surprised to see them share the Phil Schneider story about his close call in the alien shootout in the DUMB at Archuleta Mesa  in Dulce, New Mexico, 1979. You can read an excellent article about that here.

It’s looking like we are headed for disclosure of not only the Galactics, but a lot of other things in the near future.

The Prepare for Change Newsletter just arrived and in it the leadership group says…

“I am confident that the potent spiritual forces within the GFL, Agarthan and earth based allies network will see to it that all media will be explaining what is going on over main stream media on TV and Radio. We expect emergency broadcasts 24 hours a day with honest uncensored transparent disclosure to the world at large. We at PFC have been tasked with supporting this education of the public to what is really going on before and during the EVENT.
It is hoped that those who have been coming to this site will be able to be a source of calm during the Event. Those Event Support Groups already formed and having meetings will have established a core group of individuals who can act as information hubs within their local communities. These ground crew PFC ESG’s should be available to coordinate actions within their communities.
We hope very soon to have a 24-hour a day live network of information flowing during the EVENT. This event may last up to 2 weeks and we will be posting through our media links, Facebook, emails, YouTube’s and any other mediums of communication to direct people to our main PFC site.”

That’s it for now. No matter what we believe, time marches on and each moment brings us closer to The Event, the mass arrests and our freedom.

I hope everyone has stocked up on necessities and cash. Over and out.  ~ BP

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