Jim Dean VT 2-25-15… “Spy cables – Israel’s El AL used as Espionage front” (you mean, non-US countries do spying, too??)

veterans_today_banner_NEW_67veterans_today_jim_dean_banner_13There is also a video in the original Al Jazeera article, so I’ve included it below, and in the article, which Jim omitted.

There was a key word misspelled in Jim’s copying of the AJ text, so after Jim’s editor’s comment, I copied the text directly from the original Al Jazeera article.



Spy cables – Israel’s El AL used as Espionage front

Leaked documents reveal South Africa challenged Mossad over alleged clandestine security operations under El Al cover.

[Editor’s Note: Inquiring minds have to ask if this old story is resurfacing now to seed the public mind on the massive extent of Israeli espionage operations all over the world in the run up to Netanyahu’s controversial Congressional speech.

I had missed this South African story when it first came out, so these reprintings are important for spreading the historical context of the original one. VT does this from time to time also, as we know new readers are not aware of a lot of our archive material.

But I was surprised to see so little concern from other countries about El Al being the de facto air limousine for Israeli Intel operations against them. I can’t imagine any intelligence organization not assuming that it would be used to its maximum benefit.

The mention of Canada wanting all of South Africa’s material on their El Al case is funny, as the Canadian government is a virtual Mossad base and the “safe house” for operations against the US. They are more in the bag than our own Congress. No leadership has been on its knees to the Zionist more that Canada, making it a national security threat to the rest of us. Shame on you, Canada.

Here in the US, we have had a stand down on prosecutions of Israeli intelligence operations for a long time, something for which succeeding White House administrations have had no problem passing the baton, be they Democrats or Republicans. This is what I call “hypnotic treason”, where all those involved in letting it happen pretend they don’t know anything about it.

There was one change made that I can remember. After 9-11, low-level helicopter grid sweeps were made over New York City and the surrounding boroughs, and we learned the biggest nuke hot spot recorded was right over the Israeli Embassy.

The obvious clue to a nuclear detonation under the WTCs was the molten pools of granite

Shortly after that, for the first time, all diplomatic parcels and baggage began being screened for nuclear material. After VT sources had access to the 2003 Sandia Labs report identifying 9-11 as a nuclear event, we knew why the helicopter sweep was made.

It should have been done sooner, with the Able Danger crew already shadowing the Dancing Israeli moving company fronts and their art students for being involved in moving our pilfered nuclear warheads and material around via Israel’s Federal Death Express, on El Al.

We can safely assume now that these mini-nukes were moved by diplomatic courier to Israeli Embassies in key countries all over the world for prepositioning for some future event that might suit the Israelis’ purposes. And yes, when flown around, they would have been on El Al.

To prove I am not picking on Canada, I will close with how infiltrated and compromised our own Dept. of Homeland Security is. When Tom Ridge was moved out and replaced by Israeli asset Michael Chertoff, it was “game, set, match”. The doors were flung open for Israeli Intel to bid on key DHS contracts — especially the communications and software contracts, which gave them a front door key to go with the back door key they already had.

The solution for this is simple… the Jim Dean Homeland Security plan. We start a Constitutional convention process to establish a 4th branch of government permanently funded as a percentage of the annual budget. Its sole job would be to investigate, indict, do the trials and run the prisons over all the other branches of government.

Of course, it would need to have complete access to all classified files to go back and round up the past bad deeds people. Anything less than this is just nibbling around the edges.

The test as to whether the public has the guts to accept the responsibility for saving themselves is to challenge them to make this a main issue in the 2016 elections. So far this “concern” has never even been polled, and that was not because it was overlooked. It is a “no go” area, and hence a flashing red light on where their Achilles heel is… Jim W. Dean ]

[Note 2: This story follows the one yesterday that the Mossad had informed South Africa that Iran had not been engaged in any serious activity needed to proceed toward having a bomb. I suspect this SA revelation had something to do with tainting Bibi’s pending Congressional speech, so I held off covering it hoping that we might get more revelations. I did not have to wait long. Enjoy…as I surely did…JD]

[remainder is copied from original Al Jazeera article]

Spy cables: Israel airline used as intelligence ‘front’


Secret cables obtained by Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit confirm that South Africa’s spy agencies concurred with allegations that Israel uses its flag-carrier, El Al Airlines, as cover for its intelligence agencies.

Leaked documents from South Africa’s intelligence agency support claims made on a 2009 South African television programme by a former El Al employee-turned-whistleblower.

Despite official Israeli denials, the whistleblower’s claims prompted an emergency meeting between senior officials from both sides, as well as a separate note of enquiry from Canada’s intelligence agency.


A leak of hundreds of secret intelligence papers from agencies all over the world, offering a glimpse into the murky world of espionage.
Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit is publishing a selection of the documents and the stories contained within them.

‘All access unrestricted’

The allegations first emerged in 2009 when a South African El Al employee, Jonathan Garb appeared on Carte Blanche, an investigative TV programme, and alleged that the airline was engaged in illegal conduct at Johannesburg International Airport.

Garb claimed to have been recruited by Israel’s Shin Bet domestic security service while working for the airline, and claimed that the organisation was conducting security operations at the airport that were illegal under South African law.

The leaked secret document from South Africa’s National Intelligence Agency, since incorporated into the State Security Agency, says Israeli intelligence agents posed as El Al employees.

“They did carry firearms and had according to them diplomatic protection if they would have to use it,” the author of the document wrote. “They even had all access unrestricted at the airport.”

“This gave them the advantage to gather information with regards to arrivals and departures to and from South Africa.”

Garb revealed that El Al security personnel recruited by Shin Bet were made to profile passengers “racially, ethnically, and even on religious grounds”.

The programme reported that the spies conducted clandestine searches on the belongings of people they deemed suspect, in violation of South African law which only authorises police, armed forces or personnel hired by the transport ministry to carry out such searches.

El Al employees also smuggled weapons licensed by the local Israeli embassy for use by the spies, the TV report alleged.

Israeli officials publicly denied the allegations at the time. Shortly after the programme aired, however, South Africa deported an El Al official.

‘Covert Israeli activity’

Garb’s allegations also prompted an emergency meeting between Israeli and South African spies and diplomats, as well as El Al and airport managers on November 23 of 2009, according to the leaked document.

South Africa’s Department of International Relations and Cooperation withdrew the diplomatic accreditation from the meeting, according to the document’s account, denying the Israeli delegation’s requested for it to be reinstated and instead telling the Israelis to follow procedure in acquiring work permits and gun licences.

The incident also sparked an internal row between South Africa’s intelligence agencies, with the National Intelligence Agency writing that it was “of great concern” that neither the South African Security Service nor the Foreign Ministry had informed them of the meeting with Israeli officials.

Two years later, in 2011, five South African intelligence agencies were merged into the State Security Agency, to overcome inter-agency confusion and rivalry.

In another leaked document, South African spies concluded that Israeli intelligence could use El Al to sneak into the country undetected.

“The possibility exists that an Israeli intelligence officer can enter South Africa and under the disguise as an El Al member, go through all the checkpoints at the airport without presenting any documentation,” adding that at least one El Al employee had been identified as a courier for Mossad.

‘Strict confidence’

The Spy Cables also reveal that Canada’s intelligence agency had written to the SSA and asked for “any findings or information” on Israel using the airline as “a front for clandestine operations”, promising to treat such information “in strict confidence”.

The Canadian communication noted that a private security company has also investigated the claims, and that its findings had been “in support” of the revelations made by Garb on TV.

They asked the South Africans to confirm in detail allegations over the airport operatives illegally acquiring weapons, the evidence that led to the deportation of the El Al official and for any other relevant information.

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