GaiaPortal 2-19-15… ““Stability” paradigms have been “exploded” and disintegrated”

gaiaportal_logo124We don’t usually hear such a word as “exploded” from GaiaPortal, but… there it is. My sense is that the “‘Stability’ Paradigms” referred to here are old ideas of what “stability” means, like “job”, “house”, “lots of money”, “staying in one location for years and years and years and years and years and years and years”.

I’d offer more, if I had it.

For those who need a definition of “alliteration“, click that link.


“Stability” paradigms have been “exploded” and disintegrated

“Stability” paradigms have been “exploded” and disintegrated.

“Standards” of Cosmic Connections are completely removed.

Alliterations present to those of understanding Eye-Heart portals.

Fabrications of disinformation have been unraveled.

Falterings are soon to be eliminated from the Hue-person.

Formidables release from Mind, and coalesce as Heart forms.

Fleeings of hu-beings and Hue-Beings are recognized as unnecessary.

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