BONUS Document from Preston James… “COM 12 Briefing: Mind Control Operations… Aquarius Group Activities”

SAMPLE 1: use of Christian far-righters (p. 49) (click to enlarge)

veterans_today_banner_NEW_61Although I have scanned only a small portion of this document, I feel it is a key to understanding the lengths to which the SSG (Secret Shadow Government) has gone to to a) control people and events, b) set up “the population” for “easier to accomplish” mind control, via drugging and poisoning “the population”.


SAMPLE 2: Intolerance doctrine (p. 50) (click to enlarge)

There is a TONNE of information in here, including connections with people involved in the JFK assassination, the RFK assassination, Jonestown, and how the set up for mind control in the mass population of the world was being outlined even back in the 1990s. Apparently it was posted at on 11-5-13.

The paragraph by Preston (below) and document were at the bottom of the latest Preston article. In addition to his link, here are two more links at which the doc may be downloaded: Link 1, Link 2.


SAMPLE 3: Erosion of Const. rights, reasons for gun control (p. 50) (click to enlarge)

I’ve also placed a Scribd viewer below the “Read more”.

Here’s what Preston wrote about this, in the original paragraph, and in a later comment response (by the way, he writes “Aquatech” in his bits below, but I believe he means “Aquarius”, which is the name mentioned in the title of this document):

Bonus document: For those who are well informed about most Intel matters and who want more information on the secret war between the USAF (Aquatech) and the USN (Comm 12) over Psychotronic and other Mindwar (Mind-kontrol) weapons deployed against the public which culminated with the attack on the Pentagon by the BCC and the IZCS. This article was an official Comm 12 Psyops training briefing for new Psyops Officers. This was a 1992 top secret “eyes only” briefing.

[Comment response] Preston James, Ph.D February 15, 2015 at 9:57 pm

“I can assure you that this document is an actual Psyop training briefing report and essentially true in its content. There were only a certain number of controlled copies and each one had a different “difficult to detect” small error for tracing leaks. That is why the doc was held so long until the threat of release subsided. All Psyop training programs teach at least some myth or false ideology to their new recruits to motivate them. But most of the time the teachers have been somewhat misled themselves with cover stories and believe Agency myths used to justify covert interventions in the public order.

Comm 12 was basically the good guys. Aquatech was a BCC operation and they were the evil ones. By the way Aquatech used a proprietary as cover like are used for many such privatized Intel functions. That way plausible deniability is maintained when Cutouts are exposed. Then the agency involved says, “we don’t know anything about those people, they are lying.””

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