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BC Place, downtown Vancouver BC, Republic of Kanata
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I’m just posting this two-paragraph section of Untwine’s 11-20-14 piece, which was mentioned in the following post. This struck quite strongly, therefore I’m posting.

“There’s a big sports stadium in the downtown area called BC place. Football, soccer and other kinds of competition sport fields and materials are based on sacred geometry, and all these competition sports are basically males fighting to place their seeds in holes, as many of them as they can, more of them than other people, and preventing others from doing so. It’s a total hijacking and pollution of sexual energy and this is why there’s often massive satanic rituals like the superbowl around it.

“The distance from BC place to the entrance of burrard bridge is 1.61 km, phi, to the city hall 1.61 km also, to st patrick’s parish 1.111 NM, to science world 0.432 miles, to the obelisk in victory square 0.432 miles also, to the east van cross 2.71 km, e, to the burrard masonic lodge in north vancouver 5.55 km, to the vancouver club 1.11 km, to 666 burrard 1.11 km also, to the masonic building 2.22 km.”

So, that’s it. From my perspective, I must say, I’ve enjoyed immensely the sports mentioned, including the football (soccer; 8′ x 24′ hole), hockey (4’x 6′ hole), basketball (18″ hole), golf (4.25″ hole). My own experience with all this is that I intended always to mainly be IN joy when playing any of them, and it was not for the “competition”. And many do likewise, I’m sure.

But pro sports is based on a paradigm of “winner take all and take no prisoners dammit”, to the point of some teams “cheating”, or trying to injure other competitors, or messing with the balls (see, “Deflate-Gate“). And (ideally) you’re in this grand Colosseum type building with people yelling and screaming at you to “Get the job done”, and “Get that thing in the hole!!”

Read the full article here: Decoding the Grid : Vancouver.

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