Just One More… “Video proves the Paris Attack was a hoax filmed in at least two takes”

eiffel_tower_1Just in case there is any doubt about this. This is likely the last one I’ll post about this “Same old, Same old” false flag “in Paris”. The first couple minutes tells it all.


Published on Jan 10, 2015
This video proves the Paris Attack was a complete hoax filmed in at least two takes! Notice there is no marking tape by the front right tire of the car when the men get out but then when they come back to the car, it has magically appeared! The second part of the video is Gordon Duff’s excellent analysis of the video. It wasn’t even filmed in Paris! Alex Jones is going NUTS because his masters have told him to go out and say it’s REAL but his listeners know it’s fake and are bailing him! Only Alex Jones, Drudge and the Fake News say it’s real now!

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