No Doubt (in my mind)… Another False Flag, 12-28-14… “Airasia [from Indonesia to Singapore] Deadly Dive: Passenger Plane Fell Into Ocean With 162 on Board”

air_asia_sputnik_1The “No Doubt… Another False Flag” part is solely mine. And the title is a combination of two articles, linked below, from RT and Sputnik News.

But look at a couple of things: just like the two Malaysian Air crashes this past year, this is another Asian airlines. And the flight was from Indonesia to Singapore. Could this be possibly related to Neil Keenan’s discovery of underground gold bunkers in Japan, and him and his team working from Indonesia?

Okay, that may be far out, and possibly far from the truth. But no doubt, this was a false flag. Here are two more links in addition to the one below.

AirAsia flight from Indonesia to Singapore confirmed missing (RT)
Search, Rescue Operations Launched for Indonesia-Singapore Flight: AirAsia (Sputnik News)


Airasia Deadly Dive: Passenger Plane Fell Into Ocean With 162 on Board

Air traffic control lost contact with flight QZ8501 at 07:24 local time (00:24 GMT). The cause of the crash is thought to have been severe turbulence, according to the Indonesian National Search and Rescue Agency.

JAKARTA, December 28 (Sputnik) — AirAsia flight QZ 8501 crashed of the coast of Indonesia, with the cause thought to have been severe turbulence, the Indonesian National Search and Rescue Agency said Sunday.

According to the statement issued by AirAsia, air traffic control lost contact with flight QZ8501 at 07:24 local time (00:24 GMT). There were 155 passengers on board, including 17 children, two pilots and five cabin crew.

Search and rescue operations are underway under the guidance of The Indonesia of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). AirAsia Indonesia is assisting the investigation.

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