The Crystal Battery… Two Videos Describing the Technology (and the New Paradigm of “Give it Away, and it Shall Come”)

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The first video is a discussion between Hope Girl and Nick McKenny, discussing the new energy paradigm we are now in, and some details about the technology behind “The Crystal Battery“. The second video is a follow up interview with D of RTS.

I’ve included the notes from each video. Here’s a couple of timings from the first one:

14 minutes: Nick speaks about the King of Morocco wanting to have alternative earth-friendly technology over there (just as Ali`i Nui Mō`ī Edmund K. Silva, Jr. desires in the Kingdom of Hawai’i)

24:44 minutes: Nick describes the technology of the Crystal Battery.

Published on Dec 9, 2014
In this weeks show we speak with Nick Mckenny, a free energy enthusiast, who was involved with the Morocco QEG build. Nick joins us today to talk about his Crystal Battery Technology and his vision of creating a solutions hub with other engineers here in Morocco.

Published on Dec 18, 2014
Since the launch of Hope’s interview with Nick on The One Network, he has received many emails with questions about the Crystal Battery. We’ve filmed this update video to answer these questions and to give more information about creating a crystal battery.

Within the next month, Nick will film a complete instruction video for turning an old car battery into a crystal battery- including how to neutralize the old battery acids and clean out the car battery safely. We will launch this instructional video along with our Crowd Funding Campaign to move forward with the next level and our next step to bring free energy to the world.

Please Go To Removing the Shackles for further information, or to make a donation to help us fund sharing energy with the world.

[Kp note: click here to go to the donation page.]

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