11-10-14 Interview of Jennifer Pawlowski (Kingdom of Hawai’i Chief Justice) with Don Grahne

hawaiian_kingdom_shield_22jennifer_pawlowski_headshot_3This interview was recorded on 11-10-14. Don Grahne was the host of this interview (Mr. Grahne is one who has assisted many with “releasing from the matrix”… more about that in a separate post). He has weekly TV shows at his website, http://seattlecommunitymedia.org/program/truth-vs-new-inc (which may also be viewed at his YouTube page).

I post the TV show video below, which contains the entire hour program (and is worth viewing for all of the visuals Don and Jennifer included in this), and below that I’ve posted MP3s of Chief Justice Jennifer Pawlowski’s portion of the program. Here is a link to the show itself at Mr. Grahn’s site, which has additional information and links. (please see the notes* after the MP3s links regarding some factual corrections).


MP3s (of Chief Justice Pawlowski’s portion of the show)

Part 1 (intro video and music) (4 min., 2 MB)

Part 2 (Interview) (16 min., 7 MB)

Part 3 (Interview) (15 min., 7 MB)

Complete Interview (35 min., 16 MB)

* Notes:
1. After the missionaries and foreigners arrived, Hawaiian cultural practices, as well as speaking the Hawaiian language, were often forbidden. However, there was not a “death penalty” for this.
2. The correct link for the Kingdom website is http://www.kingdomofhawaii.info.
The Kingdom of Hawai’i blogsite is http://kingdomofhawaiiinfo.wordpress.com
The Kōkua (assist) the Kingdom page is http://kingdomofhawaiiinfo.wordpress.com/assist-us
The Kingdom of Hawai’i series (at this blog) is https://kauilapele.wordpress.com/category/hawaiian-kingdom-2
3. When the Peace Center was mentioned, it was meant to be compared to what the United Nations was supposed to be (not NATO).
4. Contact email for Chief Justice Jennifer Pawlowski is jpawlowski.79@gmail.com

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