The “Hawai’ian Kingdom” series, Part 14: “Presentation to the Department of Interior Panel in Kona” (and a Flyer to Distribute)

hawaiian_kingdom_shield_14If anyone believes there is no more of Pele’s fire in Hawai’i, they should come to one of these meetings! I attended the Kona meeting, from 6-9 PM tonight. Many many many people expressed their views, and sometimes emotions were very high, and were very expressed. Some excellent testimonies came from several young people, kupuna (elders), local Hawai’ian community, and several non-Hawai’i born people, including me.

My presentation was quite short (hey, they only gave each speaker 2 minutes! (although they allowed some kupuna (elders) to speak longer)), but the gist of it is in the video, and the flyer text below the video. I had only 2 minutes, so I spoke really really fast, and it may sound like I was extremely over-caffeinated BUT, I assure you I had NO coffee or other mind-enhancing things prior to my testimony!

One statement I did not get out was this: “In my humble opinion, these DOI meetings appear to be just another smokescreen to try to hide the fact that the Kingdom of Hawai’i still exists.”

[UPDATED 1-26-16]: To download a pdf copy of the flyer I handed out at the meeting , click either of these links: Full page flyerHalf-page flyer (2 per sheet)

Feel free to download and print, email, and otherwise use if you so wish.


The Flyer

My Two Favorite Data Sources:

“Pinky Show VIDEO” (“Hawai’i vs. US Imperialism”) (25:00):
“Hawaiian Sovereignty & International Law”, VIDEO (10:49): (David Keanu Sai, Ph.D.)
A Short (but hopefully relevant) History
1843: Kingdom of Hawai’i recognized as an independent world state, with 46 treaty partnerships

1840, 1852, 1864: Kingdom of Hawai’i Constitutions written and adopted.
1887 (7-7): Bayonet Constitution; minority group including US nationals forced King Kalakaua to appoint council to ratify; voters now included ‘aliens’.
1893 (1-17): Overthrow of Kingdom by group of individuals and military.
1893 (2-15): Treaty of annexation submitted to the United States Senate; Grover Cleveland government said “no”, because takeover was ILLEGAL.
1897 (6-16): Treaty of annexation was attempted again, but “[it] was unable to be ratified by the [US] Senate due to protests” (Kū`ē Petition of 1897, 21,169 (90+%) Hawai’ians signed, said “NO” to annexation)
1898 (7-7): US enacted a congressional joint resolution; Hawai’i “annexed” as “war measure” ILLEGAL
1959 (6-29): Vote for US Statehood held, but only one choice (proposition) given, “Shall Hawaii immediately be admitted into the Union as a State?” [Yes or No] Should have had 3 choices, independence, free association, integration.
1993: The “Apology” Resolution… “The Congress… apologizes to Native Hawaiians… for the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii… [and commits] to acknowledge the ramifications… and to support reconciliation efforts between the [US] and the Native Hawaiian people.” Overthrow admitted, but NO MENTION OF THE “KINGDOM OF HAWAI’I” or restoring US recognition of the Kingdom.

These events/documents display a pattern of deception, and attempts to undermine and de-legitimize the Kingdom of Hawai’i by the US.
The data shows the Kingdom of Hawai’i was never terminated, and its status is best described as that of “occupied nation”.
Conclusion: the Kingdom of Hawai’i still exists today.

General & History:
Kū`ē Petition, 1897:
Apology resolution:
Background information


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