“The Destruction of the Papal Key” VIDEO, and How it may Relate to the “Jupiter Freak Out” Video…

Jupiter "Freak Out" on 4-6-14

Jupiter “Freak Out” on 4-6-14


Masts breaking off “sun” on 4-6-14

Before I move on to other things, I wanted to post this video (from the same person that posted “The Lie NASA Told” video). Now basically, I do NOT understand all the things that are going on in this video, but I made an observation.


Video notes say, “Published on Apr 13, 2014. Images from Soho showing the Destruction of the Escape Route of the Enemy of Mankind.”

Related to the “Jupiter Freak Out” video, is the observation that, on 4-6-14 to 4-8-14, the video shows the destruction of the masts around the (pretend?) sun, meaning, according to the video author, the cabal’s escape routes were being cut off.

4-6-14 is the day that Jupiter “Freaked out”. Perhaps that is why Jupiter “freaked out”.

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