Russia Will Soon Be Forced To Intervene In Ukraine – Sheikh Imran Hosein – YouTube

Well, I’m not sure who this person is, but I found his take on the Ukraine situation in reference to the Koran, very interesting (however, I do NOT see what he envisions regarding a “nuclear” event occurring, but I feel it is another view of this whole puzzle which is now playing out.

[Update: I point out what Lada Ray has written on her Predictions page: “2014 Predictions about Russia/US/World: I repeated many times in my early articles and interview about Ukraine the following: Russia won’t go to war about Ukraine. Russia will try to buy as much time as possible. Putin is acting brilliantly – sitting back and waiting for the events to unfold. When necessary, reacting with precise surgical strikes. Letting the West and Kiev initiate, but never initiating himself. Absolutely spot on, brilliant strategy – coming true now.”]

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