David Wilcock Comments on Ben Fulford’s 5-13-14 Post, Part 1: Comments about the Content

David_Wilcock_Search72These are comments made about the content of Ben’s post itself. These comments reflect, as many have sensed, that this “takedown” of the cabal is occurring in steps, sometimes small, sometimes larger, but it is happening. And from my end, I feel it is better to align with and send Light to this entire process, whether I “like” the size of the steps or not.

I also feel it is very important for each of us to take our own steps, as we are guided from within, to assist in the process.

In another set of comments (Part 2), he writes about a dream where he was informed that Benjamin Fulford may very well be the next cycle of “Benjamin Franklin”.

[Comment link] “The big thing I see here is that the SDR plan has collapsed and the IMF will be over-written by a new international bank run through BRICS, with far more collateral.

It does appear that the Cabal will collapse financially and that will be how this unravels. Ben is spelling out how this is happening with the selling of the oil reserves.

I have spoken to insiders lately and we are all stunned that the dollar is still going. Once the cracks really show we have the opportunity for positive change to occur much more quickly. The resiliency of the existing system is something no one anticipated.

It’s always tough to get a time window on anything but I have been getting pounded with dreams lately saying that very powerful changes are imminent.

– David

[Comment link] “This really pounded me. The dream made it very clear I needed to get up and write about this.

Perhaps Ben F. should take the emails from the Pentagon more seriously about impending change.

I will put more feelers out and see what else adds up from the insider world to explain this dream’s intensity.

– David

[Comment link] “Here is the link to that radio show for those who are interested… I went very far into all the ET / breakaway civilization stuff that I haven’t talked about as much since writing Financial Tyranny.

Now feels like the time for everything to come around full circle!


– David”

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