Ian Greenhalgh of VT, 3-12-14… “The Rothschild’s Template for War”

ian_greenhalgh_vt_logo_1This article by Ian Greenhalgh, is a follow up to the last post.

I see that many of the events that are occurring in the world right now, all of these operations, like Libya, Syria, and now, Ukraine and Crimea (and who knows how many others), are now being viewed so much, by so many, in the “Improved Awareness Atmosphere“.

The planet as a whole is clearly (to me, at least) very much enlightened as to what is behind all of these so-called “political events”, “turmoils”, “revolutions”. As Gordon Duff explained in his article today (posted here),

“Their [Vallely and Aquino] paper, From Psyop to Mind War, described how total control over all forms of information could achieve any military goal simply through deceit….

“A broader look at America reveals a “dark underbelly,” a people willing to “consent” to being governed by war criminals. The pattern of the Ukraine has surfaced many times. September 11, 2001 was an early outing for the Aquino/Vallely methodologies.

“Ukraine is certainly another. There will be more.”

That’s why I am posting a segment of this article, “The Rothschild’s Template for War“. You may read the whole thing by click the link at the end (or anywhere else in this post).

Here’s the portion of the article I wanted to post here, which I sense may be of most value to many…

“The situation I just described fits exactly into the standard model of regime change that we have seen implemented many times since 1945 by the CIA-M16-Mossad (in reality, they largely operate as a single agency). Let me lay it out in it’s basics:

  1. Send foreign mercenaries into the victim state to foment ‘revolt’.
  2. Provoke the victim state into using its armed forces to oppose the foreign invaders.
  3. Have the media present this lawful defensive action by the victim state as the cruel oppression of a dictatorship.
  4. Send your armed forces to complete the job of regime change.
  5. Establish a new puppet regime with a banking system consisting of a privately held central bank that issues currency on a debt basis, thus enslaving the population.

“It really is that simple, and it has been carried out so many times, currently it is being done in Syria, a couple of years ago we saw an absolutely blatant and textbook case in Libya, before that Iraq and Afghanistan.”

It’s all about the banks. It’s all about the bankers. It’s all about the ones who own the banks. It’s all about who benefits from owning the banks. So, in the USofA Corporation, it’s all about… the Federal Reserve.

Anyway, I felt this was worth passing along. This simple 5-step formula is something I’m sure many could use to help inform others as soon as (at least for the less-aware) the SHTF (and I’m also sure this was addressed (in some way or other) by David Wilcock, in his “Financial Tyranny” series (click to view all pages of his series)).

Here’s the link to the full article at VT: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/03/12/the-rothschilds-template-for-war

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