Benjamin Fulford 2-11-14… “The countdown begins, Secretary of Skull and Bones Kerry goes on begging mission”

benjamin_fulford_smile_smirk26This report shows, once again, as last week’s post, the desperation of those trying to keep the old house of cards together. As far as dates go, it seems like every day is significant these days. So, since I know that this moment is the only significant “date” I know anything about, we shall see.

I am holding all this in the Light (and not trying to figure it all out, nor keep track of it all).

Will post the full article after 3 days.*


The countdown begins, Secretary of Skull and Bones Kerry goes on begging mission
Posted February 11, 2014

The families that own the Federal Reserve Board missed making gold payments due on January 31st so they now have to scramble to find gold before February 27th or face the bankruptcy of their United States of America Corporation. That is why Secretary of Skull and Bones John Kerry is off this week to beg for gold from the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, South Korea and China. The cover story about the US Congress having to raise the debt ceiling in order to avoid government bankruptcy is only fooling a steadily shrinking group of the brainwashed living dead. When they missed their payment last September 31st the cabalist were able to postpone bankruptcy by making a deal with Iran, selling weapons to China and a few other tricks. Let us see if they manage to kick the can down the road once again perhaps by offering the Okinawan archipelago to China or some such thing.

Otherwise President Obama can prove he is the real deal and start issuing US government currency instead of borrowing foreign Federal Reserve Board debt notes misnamed the US dollar.

Then again something entirely different might happen. According to the P2 Freemason lodge, Pope Francis and Obama signed an agreement

[*Kp note: according to this link, Ben said it was okay to post the entire text after 3 days from original publication. I will do this on Thursday).]

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