Suggestion to Send Light and Love to this Situation, for Healing and Transmutation…”Artificial Snow Falling Over US & Canada”

These posts have been all over the internets, and I’ve passed on posting anything, until now.

Roberto sent this link to a YouTube video that demonstrates what some people are seeing and getting from their “snow”. Have you ever seen snow turn black under a flame? This shows that. To me, it’s an indication of some organic materials present in whatever this white stuff is. It also appears that this “stuff” is clathrating (sequestering, trapping) radioactive material in it, like uranium, and other things.

This may be a way “those cabal types” are trying to use radioactive waste stockpiles to “depopulate” us, by chemtrailing it into the air, and allowing it to fall as what appears to be snow.

However, and I’m speaking for myself, here, by shining the Light on this, and on those who are “perpetrating” this, we can transmute and heal this situation, and all who are affected by it, and those who are doing it.

The piece at the end, from Psalms 91, is most appropriate here.

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