“Light Ships” Visible over Lima, Peru, Today… (that’s 1-19-14)


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Marcela (who is from Peru) mentioned this article (in rpp.com.pe) to me. It is an indication, perhaps, that the “visible type” disclosure will be taking place more frequently during this coming year. We did talk about how the “off-world-visitor” phenomenon is much more accepted and readily discussed in almost all countries outside of the US. Anyway, these photos are spectacular…


¿OVNIS? Captan extrañas imágenes en el centro de Lima

Al promediar las 11 y 30 de la noche del sábado, fueron captados con una cámara fotográfica objetos no identificados en el Centro de Lima, sobre la Catedral y Palacio de Gobierno.

En las imágenes, tomadas por una periodista de RPP Noticias a manera de secuencia, se pueden observar objetos resplandecientes de forma ovalada o cónica que no se mantienen en el mismo lugar.

La toma correspondiente de la Catedral de Lima muestra cuatro objetos extraños sobre el edificio mientras que en la foto registrada al costado de Palacio de Gobierno se aprecia un objeto de luz celeste que es seguido de otros objetos de color blanco.

Anthony Choy, investigador de fenómenos paranormales, indicó que se necesita una ardua investigación para determinar la verdad, sin embargo, deslizó que se puede deber a un fenómeno denominado “lens flare” que genera luces en fotografías.


English (Google) translation:

UFOs?? Strange images captured in the center of Lima

At approximately 11 and 30 on Saturday night, were captured with a camera unidentified objects in the center of Lima, on the Cathedral and the Government Palace.

In the pictures, taken by a journalist at Fashion RPP sequence, you can see glowing objects oval or conical shape that are not held in the same place.

The socket on the Cathedral of Lima shows four foreign object into the building while the picture recorded on the side of the Government Palace an object of celestial light that is followed by other white objects seen.

Anthony Choy, paranormal investigator, said that much research is needed to determine the truth, however, hinted that may be due to a phenomenon called “lens flare” that generates light in photographs.

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