From Oliver (and KP)… “A Message about ‘The RV'”…

rv_the[Kp update: Many thanks to Oliver, who emailed last night and said it was he who wrote this comment. I believe this is one of the Swedish sites he mentioned: Part of his email is below.

“I’m one of the souls who have followed your journey from Hawai and I’m working on the Swedish The One Peoples sites and have been at it since the docs has been released 2012… I posted some stuff at D’s site before as well so here we are watching the finale.”]

This was one of the clearest messages I have read about “The RV” (the ReValuation) of currencies that is supposedly occurring (or going to occur) around the globe.

In this phase of “de-guruization” going around the planet (see this prior post, or this one, or this one), it seems many are realizing that the only “guru” to follow is the “Guru” within. With this RV thing, I am aware that there are many many many people who have essentially made “The RV” their own personal Guru, or Savior, or Hero.

“I’ll get on with my life after ‘the RV’ occurs.”
“We’re just waiting for ‘the RV’ so we can do the next thing we need to do.”
“After the RV, then we’ll be able to start living like we want to.”
“I’ll get on with my energy work, but I’m waiting for ‘The RV’.”


Read this from Oliver (whoever he may be), and then see what you feel about “The RV” (found here at RMN).


Reader Oliver writes:

“Hi folks,

“We have learned or remembered in recent years to not only look at what one hand is doing but also what the other is up to.

“It seems though as the RV community only has its sights on the monetary aspect i.e. the revaluation of the currencies.

“From my perspective the RV is much much broader in scope.

“It covers everything cause we need to RE-value our selves, our belief systems and everything we have been taught. Just look at our surroundings everywhere we look there are constructs of limitations, time, alleged knowledge through the current educational system and money.

“Just take away the time concept and play with it and you’ll see everything is changing. No dates would suddenly be valid, nor time stamps in computers. Fun for the fake stock market..

“So to summarize the RE-valuation has been at it for quite some time.

“Happy Holidays


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