From RT… Jeff Monson… “General world strike can shut down govts owned by corporations”

jeff_monson_interview_131101_snipThis is an example of how many people in the world are “getting it”.

I’m posting this as I found this gentleman, Mr. Jeff Monson, presents a very well spoken discussion about the world’s governments being owned by corporations. The term “anarchist“, applied to him in the full transcript RT article, does not really mean “disorder” or “lack of order”, but rather one who believes in “a state of society without government or law”. As far as I am concerned, Mr. Monson is speaking of a higher type of order.

This very much aligns with what the One People are up to, as well as all of the filings of the OPPT, and the writings of David Wilcock (Financial Tyranny).

Full article (with transcript) is here.

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