Keiser Report 10-29-13: “Bitcoin – Resistance Starts Here!” (E516)

keiser_report_e516_snipAfter a bit of hesitation, I decided to post this. Why the hesitation, you may (or may not) ask? When Max and Stacy talk about Bitcoin, and how the “value” has gone up dramatically in the past year, I am asking, “So is this another thing like buying a ‘stock’, and you have to ‘lucky enough’ or ‘perceptive enough’ to know when to get in, when to get out, and all that other stuff?”

I am NOT going to get into any system that does not recognize the only “value” there is… The value of “I Am”… “my Eternal Essence”. And how do you put a number on that? Whether it’s $ or pounds sterling, or ounces of gold, or silver, or BitCoins…

Maybe this is a step in a direction for the people, but I’m still wary of anything that someone like Max Keiser says is going to “increase in value”.

I’m leaving comments open to share your thoughts, insights, etc.

. Published on Oct 29, 2013

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, discuss the revolutionary solution that takes money and power from those who hate and gives it to those who will no longer wait for celebrities and pundits to cogitate, agitate and debate whether or not wristbands and hashtags – oh so quaint – can stop the plunder and pillage by the conmen, hucksters, and banksters backed by the state. Yes, bitcoin. The currency is already creating economic value across Africa, China and the developing world while Brits destroy economic value by moving their money into yet another corrupt bank. In the second half, Max interviews Simon Dixon of about peer to peer lending and the future in which the population can deploy their own capital in more productive ways.

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12 Responses to Keiser Report 10-29-13: “Bitcoin – Resistance Starts Here!” (E516)

  1. Kerri Lake says:

    Something other than value…

    The money system as it has developed has been in one manner of speaking based in what humanity considers valuable. It has also been a tool to dominate, to compete and to determine how adult toddlers decide who gets which toy.

    Value: the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.

    Ultimately, the true value is in our own presence, the embodiment of who we truly are, all that is. To assist the masses of humanity into consideration that there is something of value other than the requirement of money, perhaps we can begin changing our lexicon. “We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.” – Albert Einstein

    The old paradigm has a lexicon that sounds and feels like, “The true value of a human being is measured in a this and a that and a blah blah blah…” I say, let’s stop measuring. Again from our dear friend Albert, “The pioneers of a warless world are the youth who refuse military service.” So, perhaps the pioneers of a world where resources are abundantly available to all are those who refuse to use old concepts and language based in measure of value.

    Max Keiser says bitcoin is going up in “value.” What’s really happening is that people are using different numbers to interact at the level of bitcoins. You can get excited about it if you want to. Throw a party! But the value increases only when we adhere to a system of currency to which we have assigned the task of measuring our worth. Stop measuring our worth, and money becomes numbers on a screen. Call it energy, call it whatever you want…it’s numbers on a screen.

    Bitcoins are not value. They are numbers on a screen. They are an agreed upon language that has no value other than what is assigned – if a merchant does not operate with bitcoins, they have no value. If a merchant does not operate with dollars, they have no value. Food has no nutritional value if you do not eat it. 

    A new lexicon might sound something like:
 The trading and use of bitcoins is increasing. This system as a means of payment for goods and services may create new ways to interact with one another. You may choose to educate yourself on how people are using and thinking about the bitcoin system. The more people who are educated about it, the more the system will grow to serve all of humanity. Please consider self-education and share your findings, share whether this system can serve you now, or if you see it might serve you later. Your needs will be fulfilled as you share more of who you are with the whole, through one system or another. Thank you for showing up with your unique awareness.


Old language perpetuates old consciousness. Maybe it’s a chicken and egg thing…but the chicken did come first, materialized from the ether between the space of creation and manifest. Then it laid an egg…

    Bitcoin has appeared as a chicken. Is it valuable? Do you want it to be another stock market thingy? Or would you like to bring your awareness, absent of judgment, to the system it proposes, knowing that you will be provided for through all of creation, and contribute to whether or not this system is one that serves all of humanity? You are creator – you can give your creative power away to others who use an old lexicon created from an old paradigm, or you can step forward through the curtains of fear that no longer hold any weight and go, “Hmmm…what’s this all about anyway?”

  2. sandi says:

    I am sooooo tired of hearing about money this and money that!
    Paper, only with the worth being what some put on “paper’

  3. Jonathan says:

    Thank U K, for sharing that engaging article!

  4. Kenneth Dooley says:

    DEAD-ON, Kauilapele!!! All “Bitcoin” sounds like to me is MORE of the “Same CHIT…Different day”!!! Digital funds are MOSTLY what the “Bankoholics” use to trade with, and thats sounds like another scam to me! WHEN will these people ever learn!?!?

  5. Daisylove says:

    Well, I see it as an alternative system to do transactions efficiently by passing the need to use the corrupt Banking system. We know that November 14th there are a potential national (even worldwide) bank crash with Chase letting all his customer know that there will be no more international wires on that date. That is MAJOR for any businesses that buys goods from another country to provide a service. The reprecussion of this on an already very delicate economic system ready to collapse is what I think the Cabals aim. I expect that all other banks are going to follow this prototype. Bitcoin can give these companies an alternative to make transactions and survive this coming shaking.

    This is how I view Bitcoin potential in this coming potential Banking crash and the restructuring of the new system. Let’s don’t loose sight of practicality in the face of the coming reality.


  6. Will says:

    As much as I love Max and watch his show ‘religiously’, I cannot see what value Bitcoin has for people like me, who have nothing. In truth, I am quite happy with nothing just as long as I can survive by growing my own food and trading the excess for essential things. But even this can be a difficult process in the unjust paradigm that we’re living in at present.
    How does Bitcoin help (most) people like me?

    • kauilapele says:

      Keep up the good work, Will. It’s “people like you” who are seeding and watering the new paradigm. And because of “people like you”, it will flourish…

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  8. Doreen Agostino says:

    Connecting the dots:

    Project Blue Beam Step 4 | Phase out cash and independence
    People of the lies working on the ultimate “Hegelian Dialectic”
    End the money paradigm | cooperation replaces competition
    Self-empowerment | individual freedom, dignity, security
    New World Agreement | collectively pull back from the brink now


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