Karen Bishop 10-27-13… “Restructuring”

karen_bishop_photo_1I felt this article by Karen described some of what I was going through, as mentioned in the previous post. I’ve not kept up with Karen’s postings the last few months, but Karen’s writings have been helpful to me in the past, and this one was as well. (Note: Karen’s updates are accessible at http://www.gamabooks.com/posts.html, and her newest book, “Down Into Up”, is available at Amazon here.)


Karen Bishop 10-27-13… “Restructuring”

Today we moved forward yet another step, and although we continue to move forward bit by bit, this movement is different than all our movements prior. We are moving now, into new territory, and what is different is that this new territory is in the last vestiges of what the ascension process affects. . . which is the world of the physical reality.

So then, while we continue to move forward, we are also restructuring. And we are moving forward so quickly now, that we are moving and restructuring almost at the same time. In this way, there is a lot going on around us. And because we are moving forward in the physical now, some of us may find that we may be literally moving into a new abode, if even yet another temporary one for some and a permanent one for others. We are getting closer, all dependent on where we are in line.

We must take into consideration as well, that we are all in queue with the process and thus find ourselves in places in the long line of ascension that are relevant to who we are and why we are here. So in this way, some of us are going ahead of others to mark new spots while others (even if they are in our soul groups or are connected to us through the heart energy) will be coming along a little later when the time is right for them. All in divine and perfect order.

And yet there is even more to this story. This situation can manifest for some that they are indeed planning a move, but the move has strangely been thwarted for now so they may believe they are not meant to move at all. The key words are for now, because what is also occurring is that the restructuring is taking place and because of specific conditions needed for each and every one of us, what we may need or require in the near future is still being set into place.

There is also a scenario unfolding for many now that involves making contact and physically connecting with biological family members before we move on more fully. After these connections are made, a release then occurrs because a new connection is now complete. Many times these family members with whom we do not have much in common, are connecting to us because they will now occupy the energetic space that we are now abandoning. So as we move on, others will hold up the grid from rungs below us. This did not occur in times past with ascension and thus, the process became more lengthy than we could ever have imagined.

So in all of these ways, we are moving ahead in the physical reality now. Again, some are literally preparing to move now and may even be simply moving into a new space that is still temporary, while others are readying to move permanently (the forerunners), and yet others are being held back by a seeming stop-sign energy that appears to be giving a message that a move will not be taking place (at least not yet, but this will change). All these scenarios are dependent upon where we are in queue with the process.

We are moving ahead so rapidly now, that it can be near impossible to predict when and how these movements will occur. The ascension process has a mind of its own, meaning that it follows its own agenda, including timelines and fluctuations, movements, and much else along the way. It does, as well, utilize and partner with the cosmos, as each and every thing in existence is in on this grand and massive one-of-a-kind experience.

Cosmic energies, then, carry a significant amount of energy as they are so vast, and in this way they can greatly assist with the process when we reach certain milestones. . . they are like a nudge and support that shows up from time to time and joins us along the way.

There are other times, when a cosmic or planetary event or alignment has very little influence with our ascension process, and this occurs when we are not at a point where a shifting is ready to occur with ascension or when we are not as aligned with cosmic occurrences as other times along the way. So in these ways, depending upon the Mayan calendar, for instance, or other planetary alignments to dictate our progress and give meaning to evolutionary shifting points is not always accurate. Very simply put: The ascension process takes precedence and everything else follows its lead.

In addition, because the ascension process is constantly being monitored while having its temperature taken, and because the inhabitants of the earth have a certain say so with the process (although not nearly as much as in years past), when any shifting is set to occur is anyone’s guess at any given moment along the way. There is no predicting. Tweaking of the process is an on-going occurrence. We take it as it goes.

We are continuing to move forward into new territory very quickly now, and because of this continual movement, a restructuring is now beginning to show itself. For so very long it has been about breaking down, breaking down, cleansing, removing, and letting go, and now. . . we are at some of the very deepest levels of creating a very new world, and this level is presenting itself as a deep and new restructuring.

Much is being moved around and re-arranged. With each move forward into new territory, the new territory is being restructured nearly at the same time. Inch by inch we move ahead and with each push forward we instigate more restructuring.

At the same time, higher vibrating energies are hitting us once again as the pattern of “relentless” resumes during this time of rapid movement. We may find that we do not sleep at all immediately prior to a move as we are hovering above the new spot while at the same time being dislodged from the old. We may be experiencing strange, meaningful, and intense dreams. And as soon as we “arrive” more fully on this new plateau, we most always experience a new thrust of energy, pushing like never before and forcing us to acclimate once again while placing great strain upon our bodies.

What exactly is being restructured, and what will ultimately unfold?

Here in the US, for instance, we will be going from a national governance to one where each state will precide in entirety. In this way, whatever state we reside in, will dictate how things operate and what each state is all about and here to contribute. State rule. The states will be sovereign. There will be much to do with decision making within each area, along with what fits each state, etc. People will come together and in this way take care of all needs. Much will begin to change and things will look like they have never looked before. More on this is further posts.

Currently, the “big guns” in regard to what is now left after so much departed, are beginning to struggle. So much was lost, swept away, and deteriorated over the past few years with ascension (all according to plan), that a situation was created where one super power basically took over everything in its field. They are all that was left, but were still needed to sustain what was left of a society until it was time for a collapse. Now, the super powers are struggling. Scrounging for money. And not just the super powers. Many entities are scrounging for money as they are about to depart and are still attempting to save themselves. And sometimes, in strange and inneffective ways. These are rightful signs that we are now poised for the very new reality.

Electronics have speeded things up so much, that producing more and more and more in order to keep up will eventually blow a fuse. Things will reach such a frenzy that they will no longer make sense (well, this is occurring now!), and an ultimate collapse will occur. This is why so many of us have been programmed and prepared for living off the land, in harmony with the earth, and in sustainable states with a very strong emphasis on local.

But with all things relating to ascension, slow and steady steps will get us right where we need to go and with as little panic, discomfort, and stress and possible. For many of us, we are indeed going ahead to the new land to help set up while the shadow world continues its collapse. There is no question that we will be guided and supported. Don’t want to make a physical move or happy with where you think you are? You will be fired from your job and find the perfect one right where you need to be. Having a health crisis and afraid to move? You will be guided to a place that supports your health in new and better ways. And so forth.

When we move ahead more fully into this new land, our connections to others also begin to appear more strongly and more frequently. New flurries of activity occur. We break through into areas where we have been blocked before, and things finally begin to resolve if even in small and simple ways.

So for now, we are continuing to move ahead while at the same time we are restructuring for the new. And even if it seems like forever until something indeed changes for us, forever is now just a heartbeat away.

My heart to yours,

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