Kp Message 9-21-13… One Moment at a Time…

130304_new_hair_guy_P1000378_crop_240_14So I’m reading a few things around the internet, and lots of them are about this period of time, let’s say 9-19 to 9-22, and then there’s the ones that say 9-21 is the equinox (although my link says it’s 9-22-13 at 2044 UTC, which, even in Hawaii is still 10:44 AM, still on 9-22…).

Then there’s one article that says 9-21 is a special day, and it’s a nine month extension of the 12-21-12 Ascension date, and all this and all that. And by the way, I loved reading that article, and have no issues with it at all.

My deal is, after going out and returning back from multiple missions on multiple days in multiple locations around this planet and particularly, the last three months, Turtle Island, I’m not paying attention to any dates. None. At all. Period.

Honestly, after the multiple excursions into things like, “[So and so date] there is an [alignment, energy event, convergence, divergence] of [this and that] and there will be a [something or other] that happens and we will all [ascend, be saved, go up to the ships, see the Dinar revalue, become millionaires],” I am through with all of that.

Here’s the deal (and I’m speaking just from my perspective)…

“Do any of those ‘dates of (so-called) importance’ have anything to do with how I Live and Be and Do, in this particular now moment?????”

My answer is, “NO”.

What a thing all this “date” stuff is… To me, it’s often seeming like a grand “setup” to give the opportunity to feel disappointed. Or upset. Or P’Oed.

Pardon. But I’m not buying into those anymore.

I am living now, one moment at a time. This moment is all there is. And that [future, past] moment has absolutely nothing to do with me. Or who I BE. Or what I DO from my “this present moment” BE-ing-ness.

This is about following my own understanding of Higher Guidance… One moment at a time. Although occasionally numbers, dates, times, etc., are presented, I only follow the Higher Guidance that comes from the ‘Now’.

So, I repeat, with Joy and Emphasis…

I am living now, one moment at a time. This moment is all there is. And that [future, past] moment has absolutely nothing to do with me. Or who I BE. Or what I DO from my “this present moment” BE-ing-ness.

About Kauilapele

I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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14 Responses to Kp Message 9-21-13… One Moment at a Time…

  1. Purpleskyz says:

    And this is exactly how I have been feeling since the 12/21/12 thingy.
    Enjoy the moments as the arrive! Have some fun and live in the now!
    Thanks for taking us ALL on your journey KP. Most enjoyable.
    Much LOVE to ALL here… this very moment….

    • 12/12/12 was actually really awesome but i agree, there’s no one moment we all stop living simultaneously, where aliens take our problems. things change gradually :(

  2. Beverly says:

    I like where you went with this. Just what I’ve been thinking/feeling, and I thank you for the confirmation. Blessings!

  3. 4uhane says:

    Oh my gosh, THANK YOU for saying this! I am SO tired of all the messages that say we’re on the brink of “the Event”, though I found it significant that the Gaia Portal actually ventured to mention a date for the first time I know of… Ditto, Beverly.

  4. David Pirie says:

    oh my! … so good to remind to “come home” – to center, to be in time with now of one’s self.
    All is to be had at “home”, however one defines home.

    For most, it’s to memories – for the open, it is to self!

  5. Santa Fe Roger says:

    Groovy KP! Well said. I, too, am very tired of all that “date anticipation’ stuff. ….. Big time!

    Ironically, in the now, I am in bed reading your blog ‘& commenting from a motel in Winslow, Arizona ……… Such a fine place to be ….. ( couldn’t resist that ;-)

    I’ll be back home in Santa Fe Sunday evening & will let you all know if I ascend in between & speaking of RV’s, I”ve seen several on this trip, but have no dinars other than the brown rice, kimchee, chips & salsa I just had in my romm. Bar ump bump (drum roll)

    Road weary alert! Your running updates on your Turtle Island adventure are much more coherent and enjoyable than my sleep deprived riff. And for tha we all thank you KP.

    Goodnight all & Blessings,

    Santa Fe Roger

  6. Kudos! When individuals release limiting beliefs, thoughts, and patterns, about what humans are not, Consciousness unbounded in our form responds in kind; Limitless Possibilities find us easily. Happiness, peace, unity, and love to all!

  7. nikki says:

    Thanks for the reminder and wisdom. It is easy to get sucked into the drama :) I spent days stressing over whether or not to buy currency for the RV. Soon I was laughing at myself. Life=Love, love is not stressful. What others must deal with on their journey is their worry. What is meant to be will finds its way! Trust in that and enjoy the moment.
    love you.

  8. Michelle says:

    Thank you KP for including us on this miraculous journey. I look forward to seeing where “we” are going and what “we” are doing each day. Your adventure is my adventure. And regarding being in the now moment…well that’s the second reminder I have received today about that because that’s all we really have, the rest is unknown. The unknown….it makes people uncomfortable…that’s why they put dates. The challenge is being comfortable with the unknown and practicing making the Highest Choices in each moment which, you, my friend, have down to an artform!!!! Many Blessings as you continue this journey for the Highest Good of All. Aloha

  9. Chris says:

    Thank you KP. Peace Brother.

  10. Caroline says:

    This is exactly what a friend of mine and I have been discussing for the last few months. Living in the moment with joy and gratitude and allowing the magic to happen.

    I always feel aligned to your posts. Thank you KP for sharing your, our, journey across Turtle Island. 👍😘❤

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  12. I have to agree with you completely. All those dates always feel to me like an attempt at energy harvesting. They need us to buy in to certain things in order for the energy to benefit them.

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