Speaking of Wiretapping, Internet Spying, and “People Who Seem to Want to Know Every Little Thing About Everybody’s Life”… a few Glenn Greenwald Articles

glenn_greenwald1Glenn Greenwald is the guy who broke the story about the NSA internet (et al.) snooping. Here is a link to his collected articles at the Guardian.


“The NSA continuously tells them, ‘We don’t have the capability to tell you that, to even give you rough estimates.’ What these documents that we published show, marked top secret to prevent the American people from learning about them, was that the NSA keeps extremely precise statistics. All the data that the senators have asked for, the NSA has falsely claimed doesn’t exist.”” Glenn Greenwald, from interview with George Stephanopoulis

And a few of his recent articles relevant to all that.






This is major apocalypse (unveiling), baby!! Get ready to assist those who might tend to get “blown away” by all the breaking news to come. Especially in light of David Wilcock’s latest piece. This is the unraveling of the old dark dream, and the unfolding of that Golden Age new dream.

UPDATE: Here’s one more piece of data from Glenn (thanks to Roberto).


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