THE ONE PEOPLE show – May 27th (US) / 28th (Australia) – Ginger’s Notes

5d_media_network2THE ONE PEOPLE show – May 27th (US) / 28th (Australia) – Ginger’s Notes

Since there are nearly ten One People’s ground crew in Morocco (and all with their kids) combined with the fact that they have to be on the show between 1-3 am in the morning now! . . . it’s a bit challenging . . .

Plus, as I listened to last week’s Collective Imagination show and today’s show, it really feels to me that there is not a lot new to share with listeners (other than what they already have in the past shows, so good for newbies) . . . AND because . . . it is already DONE!

However, I highly recommend listening to this show because I felt very connected with everyone in Morocco upon a wide band of rich emotions, and it was all beautiful . . .

Also in the first 30 minutes of show, Chris and some others go over a few updates and announcements (most already covered on last week’s shows, with a few new) . . .

And Bethany Truex was sharing what she has been doing coordinating how we can all start with working with the absolute data exchange (website being evolved to send out emails and educating re foreclosures) here – . . . as we are approaching a time where we need to present massive info to banks, government, media, law enforcement, courts, et al . . . where you will soon be able ask for a geographic location and send out all the appropriate information via emails globally, as well as how to deal with spam filter systems (as it must come from each of us) . . . (and about 22mins into show) is how to do this . . .

And finally noting that the banks are most important to do first, as they are pivotal in controlling our cash, therefore enslavement.

It was noted that in our geopolitical world, politicians are being exposed everywhere and faster by the day for their lying and cheating . . . “it’s like watching the fall of Babylon”

PROJECT XIII and I-UV Exchange

Recently Caleb was exhausted, so he had to pull back for a few days to rest and is now back on it all . . . the iPhone app and Windows mobile app is virtually ready to go now . . . and all is looking to be launched around June 1st. And in the coming weeks, there will be discussions around trigger points enabling mainstream to see the I-UV Exchange, as well as “the CVACs.”

Heather came on briefly . . . to clarify where things are . . . and asks the critical question-of-the-hour . . . “What are you going to DO? . . . are you choosing more separateness or oneness (through each thought or action)? . . . and deeply thanks everyone for all their dreams of DOing, they submitted to her beginning in February!

Bob asks . . . “Are you really paying attention to what is actually happening? and where we are actually going? . . . with Lisa adding, “The air is feeling thicker and more crowded with more and more joining (BEing & DOing) each day (globally).

Towards end of show, there were some excellent caller contributions!

With Absolute Gratitude to Everyone,
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