Tolec Interview of 5-17-13 on Truth Frequency Radio

tolec_andromeda_council_tolec_video_pre8This was presented last Friday on Truth Frequency Radio. Thanks to Ginger for alerting me to this.

I listened to this today, and was very drawn to the information Tolec (and Mark Kimmel, at end) provided here. First thirty minutes is general spiritual talk, then the information updates start around the 30 minute mark.

Usually I am interested in Tolec’s information, partly because he presents it in a factual (meaning “what Tolec has heard from his sources), ego-free kind of way (in contrast to the “this is right, that is wrong” duality viewpoint).


Tolec Interview – with Mark Kimmel during the last 20 minutes.

[Tolec] A discussion & review of:

…the fact that not only is this planet changing… this whole solar system is changing. We discuss the upcoming near term earth changes, including a singular global earth change event… that will likely trigger a cascade of additional – truly earth changing – events; some of which will also likely expose the remaining Reptilians on/in this planet. This will also likely include their plans for an overt revealing of themselves, as well as a likely possible attempted take-over of parts of this planet by this malevolent race. If this occurs… expect the people of the Andromeda Council to ‘step in’ and remove once & for all… this malicious Reptilian menace.

Important note: my strongest recommendation – stay calm & patient during this time of massive change.

And, know that we will welcome a far more beautiful, higher dimensional world in January 2014.

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