Trip to Volcano… and the Dis-Connected Ones…

111011_1124_Kauilapele_mauna_loa_snip44[Kp note: at about 3AM I took this down, as it sounded a bit “sharp-tongued”. Then, this morning, at Java, it felt like it wanted to be posted up here again. All I can say is, I’m not the only one who’s been getting this same thing about that. You might say I’m the “D of the Pacific” (D, from Removing the Shackles)]

This might seem like an unusual post for me. However, I feel it needs to be said (or, more precisely, I feel I need to say it).

I just returned from a trip to Volcanoes (Kilauea) (a fun trip, namely, just for “fun”). And it was great.

But in the process, as I was standing in the Jaggar Observatory parking lot (early evening), overlooking the glowing lava vent in Halemaumau Crater, it “hit” me how most people there were so very dis-connected from the essence of Volcano itself, and (in my mind) the sacredness of that location.

People would get out of their cars, talk loudly about nothing, or do the famous “lock the car with the damn horn blowing” thing, or leave their lights on, shining over the crater.

And it hit me… these people were never going to “get” it. They would never “get” “the essence of Volcano… or the sacredness of that location”. So even though I felt pretty damn pissed about all that “getting out of the cars, talking loudly about nothing, doing the famous “lock the car with the damn horn blowing” thing, or leaving the lights on, shining over the crater”, I just accepted it.

The thing is, those peoples’ time for “getting” into the “getting” of it, was over. Chance after chance after chance after chance after chance after chance after chance to learn about their Higher Self, their Higher Identity, their connection with all things of this planet, Gaia, this Galaxy, this Cosmos. And they still walk around and talk around, about NOTHING. With seemingly absolutely no sensitivity to ANY of that.

And I realized, right then, that I had done EVERYTHING I was guided to do about this for the past 4 years, here in Hawaii, here at Volcanoes, and all these other Hawaii places. And my time of doing any more for those ones (the ones still seemingly “with absolutely no sensitivity to ANY of that Higher Stuff”), was over. No more.

So I left that place this evening, with people still “getting out of their cars, talking loudly about nothing, doing the famous “lock the car with the damn horn blowing” thing, or leaving their lights on, shining over the crater”, with seemingly “absolutely no sensitivity to ANY of that Higher Stuff””. “You insensitive ________s (fill in the blank) are on your own. Enjoy it.”

And I drove over to one of the few electrical outlets there, boiled my water, and made my coffee, for the trip home. And enjoyed each and every sip of it, and the aroma of it, as I drove home in the late evening starry sky.

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I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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24 Responses to Trip to Volcano… and the Dis-Connected Ones…

  1. Cristina says:

    Totally get understand agree and know where your coming from. First it angers me then it saddens me…. Then I remind myself to let it go since I can’t force anyone to see what they are not ready to see…. Deep breath …. And release…..
    God Bless :)

  2. Maybe all these good people were just absent-minded. Can we really know what their inner life is like? . Can we say who is a lightworker and who isn’t. Maybe a lightworker could be someone who just raises their children well and lovingly or who patiently tends to aging parents. We may view them differently on the other side of ascension.

    • kauilapele says:

      Absolutely… I know nothing about that. And I know for sure that I’m not given the entire picture, for good reason.

  3. Marthe Verwijst says:

    :-)…………… Happy Finding-and-Picking-UP-New-Life KP…Everything is in Perfect and Divine Order ;-) :-)


  4. antoniatailor says:

    So true. Nobody can do anything about them; it’s up to them. When I think about how many people are like those tourists… it is sad. But I do believe everything is as it should be, and I am happy. God bless you, K!

  5. martln2001 says:

    Oh I totally know exactly how you feel! I too have had the same reaction to “people like that” in public and on Facebook. It infuriates sometimes me that they don’t “get it” and most likely never will, but like you, I have chosen to move on with MY agenda and leave them to theirs. I will still post on FB things that I feel I should get out there but if nobody responds back to me about it that’s okay. I have put the message out there and that is all I can do. Peace to you my friend. I truly enjoy you and your blog!!!


    I noticed you said “seemingly” those fellow human-beans had no sensitivity to any Higher stuff. I guess where there is life there is hope . It’s not over ’til it’s over(well your part in what you choose to do may be)…and all the rest of the little sayings. I know it is difficult in these times for those of us that are so sensitive with the energies at play and we take so much “personal” . I have come to live in a city in the last few years after living in the mountains near the forest(for 30 years!!) where traffic was elk and deer and turkeys and fox and all the rest and most of all the sacredness of nature elements .It is difficult being around so many people and observing so much energetic noise in the city. I have learned to be more and more detached and try to just “view” it as life on earth. It is such a mixed bag of nuts for sure. So, I just continue on , being my unique self, watching the “Reality” show of humanness.It is entertaining if you let it be. The human condition is just so wacky with free will taking charge. I know for certain it is hard for all to be on the same page of life and that the community you share in your blog are not a vast majority of the whole planet….we are a rare breed and thoroughbreds some of us.I have found being angry at the
    “-S piritual – H arvest – I n -T ransition” in most people only does my heart and soul harm..and they just are not worth that much of my precious energy..I am a mom and a grandmother so, I am used to the ways of “children” have to have a calm reserve to just get them thru certain phases….and carry on. NOTHING LASTS!!!since to day is Easter and the story goes that someone rose from the dead on this day..well, geez I guess any ol’ kind of miracle can happen. ( I feel your need and desire to relocate from your Hawaii are done there on many levels )

  7. Deano says:

    Job well done KP, as you say some aren’t tuning in and have no idea. Wow, going to be some shocked people shortly. Same where I live, they worry about sand at the beach changing in the storms and destroying the footpaths and beach front property, the ocean has always changed the foreshore constantly. She won’t stop for the footpath, lol!
    In Joy, Deano :)

  8. weaver says:

    My Universe can change in a twinkling of my eye. Not another’s. Another’s Universe can change in the twinkling of his or her eye. Not mine. I am not here to be a part of anyone else’s creation nor are they here to be a part of my own creation.

  9. Beverly Halling says:

    Those people used to be us! How blessed we are to have awakened enough to feel & do differently! Happy Easter Sunday! Aloha, Beverly

    81 years old operating an iPhone

  10. I am glad you put this post back up! I posted a comment on yer FB page. In my town (northwest Colorado) the peoples just worry about the most “irrelevant” aspects of their world (as they see it). Your posting was not sharp tongued. We all see these people around us oblivious to the changes happening and raising all of us. It will be or might be a surprise to them when it happens to them.

    • kauilapele says:

      Thx Tom. And I DO honor and respect their paths. They’ll make it, as well. And in many ways, I was in their place at one point in my life.

  11. sojournerbe says:

    We all have our ‘time’.
    I was reminded of this yesterday KP, called a ‘runner’ to keep me grounded in Who I Am and how far I’ve chosen to come. Why I love living out in the country and away from the walking dead, Those whose time had not yet come.
    I was standing in line with a friend who wanted to get a ‘free’ meal at a grand opening of a local salad place. First 50 got in free.
    What do you suppose happened?
    The first 50 quickly burgeoned to roughly 80 within 20 minutes as the first 20 cell phoned all relatives to come and get in line for a freebie.
    ok, that happens.
    The three folks standing in line behind me loudly whined for the entire half hour about all the ‘cut ins’ to get a freebie thereby displacing all the ‘legitimate’ first 50 waiting in line.
    They had a good point.
    I could not argue with their logic and suggestions to have the restaurant hand out numbers for the first 50 who showed up. All the rest are out of luck no matter where they cut in (like a freeway at rush hour).
    Personally, I had created in my Mind that my reality would have open ended freebies for all who were waiting. It didn’t matter to me if I paid or not, but it did to my friend. I would give the waiters a tip equivalent to my meal.
    I finally turned to the woman complaining the loudest and asked her why doesn’t she go up and offer her logical suggestions to the manager?
    “NO! I won’t say a word to them I’ll write out a complaint”
    Is that a coward’s way of expressing their anger or is that person merely asleep?
    A few minutes later she loudly complained, whined, and railed some more.
    I turned to her again after mentally sending her pink clouds of love, “Excuse me, why not change your focus on not getting a free meal to having the place hand out all freebies?”
    She glared at me. I was contrasting her need to express.
    “Why don’t YOU stop interfering with MY conversation!! I didn’t ask you for your input!”
    Contrast eh?
    So I told her I sent her love, she retorted I send you in kind. I gave her a thumbs up.
    She left.
    But not until after the restaurant staff came out to hand everyone a free pass to get in.
    She never used the free pass, never got a free meal. I wondered if she was licking her wounds or would ever get the ‘message’.
    Probably not. But that is her choice.
    I ate in peace, and left a tip equivalent to my meal.
    The wait staff worked effortlessly for it.
    Happy Easter.

  12. Eileen says:

    You sounded like you enjoyed your day KP …. and just maybe everyone else did too … in their own way.
    To each his or her own in his or her own time.
    All is well. Obviously you have been ( and are) where you are for very good reason. We are each we are are for Divine Purpose … part of the Divine Plan… however we do not know what an-other’s purpose is or why an-other behaves in a way which we feel is not in-keeping with how what we would like to see. It is all intrinsically woven … we all help each other to learn various things along the way.
    It is always good to enjoy a cuppa of something and look at the stars. Fab.

  13. oonamc says:

    fantastic post, exasperation and acceptance co-existing delightfully in a wonderful, loving human bean :)

  14. Jeff says:

    Im with you man

  15. imtracyac says:

    Never hurts to give a good “clean out” of frustration or anger. Human emotions have their place. Energy moves and dislodges, sometime as a trickle, sometimes as a flood.

    As a professional teacher, I can relate to your post. I want my students to have the information they need and to know how to use it so they DON’T need me anymore ;-) Its frustrating when they don’t take responsibility and do the work, but instead hope it will somehow fly into their brains as they sleep. They neglect their powers and lazily create reasons not to grow and learn. They distract themselves. I get frustrated and they don’t seem to understand why I am upset when they fail tests or do not turn in assignments.

    You are the same, wanting humanity to wake up and learn and grow and see and understand. Those people you mention still “getting out of their cars, talking loudly about nothing, doing the famous “lock the car with the damn horn blowing” thing, or leaving their lights on, shining over the crater”, with seemingly “absolutely no sensitivity to ANY of that Higher Stuff””…they are partying instead of doing their homework ;-) Its natural to want to help your fellow human, especially you being a lightworker. Its Ok to feel frustrated that they have even not signed up for classes… at least not yet.

    Let them fail, they will learn eventually. Some more quickly than others. I have learned after 30 years of teaching to allow the process to go on, although i do still get frustrated sometimes. I smile and say, “well, thats one way to look at it” and allow them walk their path. And I focus on the ones who stay late and ask questions.

    The sacred spirits saw all and are grateful for the respect you brought to that place and they are no doubt very used to the disrespect and have a way of handling it, they aren;t exactly frail, hahaha. You placed you blessing by being there and Im sure just your presence was enough to counteract the rest. Probably why you were there at that moment.;-)

    Please have a swim for me in the beautiful blue of Hawaii while you are still there.

    Maluhia, aloha and mana’olana, KP. You’re a good man.

  16. Chris says:

    It’s madning isn’t it. That’s why i don’t write. Waiting…

  17. ghost says:

    its ok we tend to seperate ourselves from the situation and people and get into the whole duality state when we are triggered by certain situations, this makes us see people not as ourselves but some seperate unknown object that frustrates us but in all reality those people might have been disrespectful in your eyes you must also see how some of this social unrest also comes from other sources. we live in a world were duality is presented in mostly all themes of life, people are given the free choice to have bad morals or good ones to make it simple, so we must ask ourselves when one ticks us off. arent these peoples experiences different than mine? then why am i assuming they will know what i want and dont want? that is the question we must not assume these people are not capable of growing into more respectful beings they very much are just as all of here are. they just chose a different life path AT THIS MOMENT to be that person possibly for you, and all of us to have this wonderful discussion to have collective communication between a topic that does not get much light.

  18. Conifer says:

    Your post brought me back to the incredible experience I had at Kilauea seeing the steam rising from the ground everywhere and at the Halemaumau Crater. The power was amazing, and I felt blessed to be there. I was also surrounded by my fellow humans who were coming and going from their cars in couples or groups, and I think this has an effect on how we respond to a place like Volcanoes. I was there alone and so my whole focus and attention was on Gaia in her fiery form. I know when I’m with other people I’m more likely to be distracted and involved in trivial conversation unless I’m fortunate to be with awakened beings — and even then, they’re in my awareness. I was able to stop on the path along the crater whenever I felt moved to say a prayer or just contemplate the awesome beauty I was witnessing in silence. If I had been there with my children when they were young, or even a partner it would’ve been a very different experience. I had some sympathy for all the people around me who didn’t see or feel any of it, and once again felt myself to be an alien presence witnessing the crowd. But then I thought “something drew them here” just like the crowds at all of the national parks I’ve visited throughout my life. The parks offer ranger talks and walks etc. but I’ve never seen a talk on how to feel more connected and show respect and love for the earth. Even if you belong to an environmental group because you love the earth, it’s usually pretty practical mental stuff and perhaps an occasional outing in nature. We humans learn from others, and I’ve had some beautiful teachers who showed me that loving the earth and showing respect through prayer and ritual was something I could do without feeling weird or strange. Now it is the most natural thing I can do as well as my spiritual practice. Every time I see people running around taking pictures at a beautiful place in nature, I think yes, this is the way they’ve learned to show their love and respect for the beauty that they are seeing. The coyotes just started their nightly song and my heart is singing with them.

  19. ingerax says:

    I am with you in that starry night, just happy to be having a cup too. Everything Is with you, clear of disturbances.

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