Major Disclosure Event? “Australian TV: US military worked with aliens” (Charles Hall)

au_tv_morning_show_charles_hall_worked_with_ets_130325_post[UPDATE: BB sent this link to an interesting article about Charles Hall, and his interaction with the “Tall Whites”…]

Thanks to Chris H. (of OPPT fame) for posting this interview of Dr. Charles Hall yesterday. According to Chris, this interview was from a show last weekend (AK also posted this story, and thanks to him for the YouTube video).

I have no idea how popular this show is, or who the interviewers are, but one thing for sure, there is no “put down” or “laughing at” Dr. Hall or his story. He describes his experiences in a matter of fact way. Pretty important this is, it seems to me… [a bit of information I found here about Charles Hall, is below the video]



Charles James Hall was a weather observer in the United States Air Force during the mid-sixties. He was stationed at Nellis Air Force Base and the Indian Springs gunnery ranges outside Las Vegas, followed by a year in Viet Nam. After the service, Charles married and earned a Masters degree in Nuclear Physics at San Diego State University. He also did post graduate work at the University of Maine at Bangor. Raising a family pushed memories of the terror and unprecedented experiences on the Indian Springs gunnery ranges into the background, but they couldn’t be forgotten. Charles began work writing his memoirs for his children and grandchildren in his spare time. 18 years later, his wife found out what he had been doing and convinced him to publish what eventually became the Millennial Hospitality series of three books. Because of the nature of the material, it seemed prudent to change the names of friends and places to protect the innocent. The Millennial Hospitality series is a truly groundbreaking account of one man’s actual experiences with extraterrestrials in the Nevada desert. Charles will share his amazing stories of this part of his life with us.

Charles Hall’s Photon Theory, which is carried as an appendix in Millennial. Hospitality III, The Road Home, is of particular interest. The Hall Photon Theory maintains that Einstein is not entirely correct, and, if scientists accept the hypotheses presented, vehicles can be built which will travel faster than the speed of light. Charles is currently working as a Nuclear Physicist and data base manager. With all the children grown, he and his wife Marie maintain their empty nest in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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