Thank You to All Who Attended the Seminars with Dr. Emoto…


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We had a great time in Kona, at the Aloha Theater. About 150 showed up, and the Hilo venue was packed. The photos are from a lunch a few of us shared with Dr. Emoto. Yumi and Gen were the coordinators/ translators/ advertisers/ just about everything else-ers (Yumi is the only female here, and Gen is at the front of this photo, in the light shirt; at Sushi Shiono in Kailua Kona).

Thanks go to all who signed up and attended, as well as though who spread the word.

A note… This weekend is an opportune time for clearing and retuning and energizing the planet. At 7:00 PM HST on 3-10-13 (Sunday), Dr. Masaru Emoto and Kumu Keala Ching (and many here in Kona) will say (send, project energetically) a blessing for the Healing of the Oceans. This is done at the precise time the 3-11-11 Japan tsunami occurred. We will meet under the banyan tree in front of the King Kamehameha Hotel.


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I sense that this will provide a grand opening for the acceptance generally, by the planet’s population, of what they are here for. Healing of this Planet.

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