The OPPT (One People’s Public Trust)… My Take on all This… and the Future of the “Ship of OPPT”…

oppt_logo_blue6[Kp note: I started writing this two weeks ago. Now some things have changed, developed, expanded, if you will, but my overall sense is still the same as what I felt back then. And is written below.] [This is being posted on 3-3-13 at 3:33 AM.]

This may be my only personal note about this OPPT business.

First of all, I’m not here to intellectualize and analyze and research-ize about all of this. Nor am I here to report each and every single thing that comes out about the OPPT. Some things I will, some things I won’t. It is solely based on Higher Guidance, coming through me, writing through these hands.

Second, I’m not falling all over myself and going around starting “OPPT things”… Like an OPPT blog, or an OPPT discussion group, or an OPPT chat group, or an OPPT Facebook page, or an OPPT Foundation, or the “Church of the OPPT”, or a “Hawaiian OPPT Choir”, or a “Top of the OPPT Morning Show.” That’s not my thing. That’s not my business. That’s not my resonance.

And third, I’m probably NOT going to be spelling my “doings” and “beings” words like “DOings” and “BEings”, even though (and/or solely because) a lot in the OPPT are doing that (see, I didn’t do it already). Although I might start spelling things like, “resonATing with and followING HighER GUIDance”. Gets a bit dizzying.

But clearly, it seems, a lot of people are reason-ating (resonating) with what has been awakened by the OPPT. And all who are enthusiastically doing stuff related to the OPPT are following their passions, it seems to me. And that is fine… and dandy.

Others have clearly been “finding their center” in DOing things for the OPPT (okay, there… I did it… once (namely, one “DOing” spelling)). That, too, is great. And those who are “finding their center” in the OPPT may very well be resonating with their purpose for this lifetime.

Each and every single individual that steps into their own Sovereignty, their own Strength, immediately Sovereign-izes and Strengthens everyone. Whether ANYone of the “everyone” knows it or not.

And, as I was considering what I might add to this 2-18-13-begun post, here comes Mike Quinsey, who kind of sums up much of what I was going to write (thanks a lot, Mike!!). So let me add this from his recently posted email to Bea.

“…quite recently SaLuSa stated in one of his messages that more groups would form and come together. He has often emphasised that it is we the people that have the power, and encouraged us to use to help bring changes about. I get that the power derives from groups as their energy comes together, and it is exponentially increased a hundredfold. Soon it will break down the last pockets of energy created by the dark Ones, and the Light will take control. The people are rightly taking back their sovereignty and freedom, and their progress will be unstoppable.

The rapid growth of OPPT in such a short time, shows that the people have been ready and waiting for such an opportunity that it has offered them. It undoubtedly still has a long way to go and has come into being at just the right time.”

So that pretty well sums up much of my “sense” about the OPPT. It is “an opportunity that…has [been] offered [to the people]” to REALize their Inner sovereignty by DOing something for themselves. It has opened up a grand “Can of Higher Worms” for them to fish with, and to catch, their Freedom. For themselves. And REALize it. For themselves. Hey, they already were free. Now they can practice BEing free.

So does that mean I am done with reporting things about/for the OPPT? No. It’s just that the “Ship of OPPT” (new name) now has a crew, and passengers, and more crew and passengers are joining all the time.

I sense that my ship is a somewhat different one. And although I still see myself observing the “Ship of OPPT”, and communicating with them, and even using the tools which they have developed, I am still on an alternate path. I am not to get “bogged” by being intensely, overly involved with something that does not resonate as being my only ship.

That feels to me like the point… Some are involved with multiple ships. I definitely feel like one of those. At times, I’ve felt part of the Pleiadean ships, at times, the Lemurian ones, at times, the Andromedan ships. They have all resonated strongly with my Higher Self at various times.

So I just offer that out there. Maybe a few will get what I am saying.

Bottom line is (for my Self, at least), I follow that Higher Guidance. I have latched onto the “Ship of OPPT”, and ridden closely with it for these last few weeks. Now the time has come to release that “latching” (maybe we could call it, “undocking”), and continue on with MY Higher Path. Even though still riding in formation with all of those actively riding on, and joyfully involved with (from their Higher Selves) the “Ship of OPPT”.


I leave with this. Here are the two sites I feel are the most attuned to following, and reporting on, the “Ship of OPPT”, at this time.

And two articles to share with anyone that can help them to “wake up” to what the “Ship of OPPT” is all about (of course, there are plenty more).

About Kauilapele

I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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25 Responses to The OPPT (One People’s Public Trust)… My Take on all This… and the Future of the “Ship of OPPT”…

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  2. Dark zen says:

    Thank you kp.

    Question…. You say you follow a “Higher Path”….

    What is Higher than Prime?

    Cheers Darkzen

  3. Jay says:

    “At times, I’ve felt part of the Pleiadean ships, at times, the Lemurian ones, at times, the Andromedan ships.”
    Its all the same group. Lemuria was headed by a sirian-plejadian partnership, the plejadians (the pos oriented ones) are advised by the andromedan council.

    So…the roots are always there :-). Or, birds of a feather flock together.
    Maybe this is an opportunity to think about orientation male-female, and of what the goals were back in lemuria and what the goals are today…energy-wise, and creation-wise.


  4. Caroline says:

    Thank you for your thoughts. I love your site and have followed it for a while now, not sure how long, lol. Also the way you post one article at a time is perfect for my energy. Other sights that have long lists of posts overwhelm me.

    I had such a strong resonance with the OPPT and followed all the details and radio shows. I did discuss the information with the Mayor of our town and he was very open about it. Now however, that initial enthusiasm has fallen off as my spirit is leading me in other directions. I see OPPT as a part of the awakening to truth and am greatful for it, so you can see how aligned I was with this post. I had also read the piece by Mike Q earlier and that felt right for me as well.

    I listened to a personal radio interview with you recently and was touched by your open heart and willingness to share your life story.

    About your car title, I would have followed the same path.

    With gratitude for all you share,

  5. keith brown says:

    I commend you in your choice, I feel that we are all ships on our own voyage of discovery, and that OPPT is a port that we sail from, it is a departure point not a destination! thank you for being you. peace brother.

  6. Yvette says:

    Love & Light tew yew..I feeeel I AM on the same ship with you regularly & I enjoy the view!! Namaste’ ~~ <3 ~~ Yvette

  7. Kalina says:

    Thanks KP!! You are GRRREAT!! It’s called BALANCE!! Please check out latest interview with Max Igan on Freedom Central….he put it all VERY WELL & CLEARLY…the peoples need to come together and not attack each other’s ideas!

    Remember “divide and conquer”, so we need to come together and build on all the ideas!! If OPPT only did ONE good thing, it brought a lot of people together and opened our eyes about the “corporations”!! Divine Aloha, Kalina

    • true! The divide and conquer tactic is one to be aware of, the dark magicians tool against our unity! For with our powerful unity, they are finished. So~ Be~It! :)
      ALOHA…….to you dear sister, Kalina.

  8. Oliver says:

    Welk said KP, everyone has to follow their own path. OPPT is simply one tool… even though a one with large impact.

    The greater work lies in front of us still to build a new FREE society….

    With love and abundance

    Oliver Troll

  9. Rosanna Alon says:

    Thank you for your thoughts KP,I think that Heather is pulling down into our reality 5D thinking using 3D tools,you can listen to her on the basic 3d level but if you starting understanding the energy concepts involved in her work you can get amazing insights that have not been in our consciousness until now.For example ,the gold energy field has a consciousness and was also imprisoned and now it would like to play its true role,when she talks about energetic accounting and that the value of each person has been estimated and people are thinking of a big check,could it not be that the matrix was artificially manipulated so that the odds were always stacked against us and now there will be a real account for each one of us and this will turn up as different and fair scenarios in our lives? I have noticed that if I listen with my heart and not get bogged down in all the details of things that never really interested me in the first place I can really stretch my understanding.All the best to you

    • kauilapele says:

      Mahalo Rosanna. Yes. I totally get where Heather is coming from. Absolutely. Impossible to put into words what she is trying to communicate.

  10. Simedis Vangelis (SivAngel) says:

    I read you almost every day. I love your Spirit!!!
    I send you all my light from Ελλαδα Hellas (Greece)

  11. Catherine Huddleston says:

    I get it. Your higher guidance is not my higher guidance and vice versa. But I, like most here, like the steps you take around this gui-dance earth ball we are at. Here’s to keeping the beat of the LOVE sound of our souls.

  12. Well yeah, if I was to do one thing all day, everyday I would not be a contented girl. Balance is my word, one being in Nature, meditating, any practice that keeps us in the Heart, gathering with community, family and friends and then there is the OPPT. My first sword of Light that has been offered me to
    take action toward an entity that I’ve always felt did not have our well being first and foremost, ever! Where before, was total avoidance, living simply, living underground or in other countries. In other words, living the American dream was a trap to avoid at all cost. Since leaving the shelter of my parents home I became aware of that fact, it’s been a lonely journey on one hand and an exciting journey on the other. Right Kp I think you speak to balance and guidance of the Light, well, that’s what I read. Preparing US for what is upon us, I have been looking forward to this time for many, many years! :)
    Thank you Kp I appreciate you and your guides for your work, keeping us informed and alight!

    __/\__ Namaste

  13. Erick says:

    In my opinion, true freedom is having the courage to go on your own path, following your Higher Self. Since I can only speak for myself, I don’t think that one method, tool, solution is right for me. I like to have OPPTions (options) to choose what resonates with me in the moment. I feel optimistic that OPPT has hit the reset button and also opened our perception that it is our choice to realize we are free, rather than looking for it outside of ourselves.

    By focusing our intent on love, harmony, equity and the highest good for all, we allow and attract into creation the methods, tools, and solutions to make it so. In my opinion, some people have “latched” on to the OPPT as the only vehicle for freedom and are a bit obsessed with it. I don’t think that was the purpose.

    Latching or Holding on to something with the intensity of “squeezing the toothpaste tube” will only create a mess. Latching/Holding for dear life signifies “lack” and “wanting but not having something.”

    When we choose to trust in source that we are free, beneficially abundant and that all is well is when we “experience” the miracles in our lives. :)

  14. sojournerbe says:

    Thanks. I ‘get it’.
    Personally, I am grateful that the energy of OPPT for me, rekindled a long dormant creative spark to create cartoon and satire that isn’t intended to always be about that topic.
    I love your blog and your energy and quite frankly am glad to have something to connect with that isn’t all OPPT, rather your own infusion of Light. Bravo for your truth!

  15. Gary Graham says:

    Thank you so much for sharing so clearly what I’ve also been sensing from my Inner Being! I also am exercising my sovereignty by only following paths flow with my unique heart song. The OPPT info was/is extremely encouraging since I heard Heather the first time around the new year. In recent weeks, part of me kept “trying” to get more excited about it all, but it’s just been my True Self letting me know it’s time to move on and get back into the my own Unique Life Stream.

    You are such and encouragement and blessing to this planet!



  16. J says:

    You know what your path is and articulate with consistent sincerity and focus .
    I, for one, understand and support  your direction , I find it uncanny
    that you post what many feel alligned to themselves, which futher ampliphies the fact  “we are all one”.

    KP, the effort you put into creating the  mp3’s of the radio 
    shows is not only timely but a valuable library tool to review the
    programs, selfishly, I hope you are are able to continue this vital

    I look forward to your posts and will continue following your efforts.

    The world we are co-creating will allow us not only to reminisce about how it was accomplished, but also  meet our star brothers and sisters that have helped us orchestrate the outcome.


  17. mywonderflyingrug says:

    Each time I come here I wonder for less than a second: Who am i responding to? Heck! It matters little. What matters is that javapele ‘speaks the languague” I speak and has a sense of humour I giggle by and the truth is, you are the only ‘person’ I can still write to living in my gmail address book. Let’s see if now I can get your real name…or at least your nom d’plume one: Hello Kauilapele! Is that close to Pele’s Kailua? Kona harbour and the darn fishing tournaments? I ‘answer/ you ’cause the words coming out of my mouth or typed on a keyboard are coming from direct communication. enough said. Here is a thought: If….I did not write it this am…. What if Israel is The Earth? 26,000 years minus 2 degrees/per constellation= 25,920 is= 1080….very interesting number itself in Judaic lore. As in the lords of darkness and 9 of days or Light, the last one, Bolon, being Lord over all is as 1,080 years at the end and at the beginning 1,080+ 1,080= 2, 160…and here we go. Now…THAT…begins to make sense as much as Revelation did not and now does. Alright? Muse with amusement no less. Diana H. EVOLOVE to ALL

  18. Sylvia says:

    I respect you KP for singing your own song. At the end of the day we come together in great harmony having found our own realignment within. Blessings

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  20. Jewelz says:

    There has not been the actual time available that it requires for anyone to discover who this HUman BEing is, while living a life in the matrix of illusion busy Doing fiction things, to eve consider what that concept entails. And of course, that was the whole point, so that no one had the opportunity to Be-come enlightened to operate in their true inherent nature as a sovereign sentient being, free to roam the cabin of planet earth..

    You would have to practically completely disconnect from your ordinary life in the matrix of illusion as much as humanly possible to find out that information, and no one is going to Stop “Doing It” whatever IT is, in exchange for having no control to predict an uncertain future by attempting to live moment to moment in order to find out what the Human Being is all about. Make no mistake about it, “absolutely everything” you are involved in DOing is fiction. You cannot Do anything creative, you must Be it.

    Folks are in a real pickle of a situation. An enigma rolled up into a riddle of chaos and confusion and they don’t understand it or they would be talking about it. If it was all that easy to figure out, then we would not have a problem now would we.

    You are currently experiencing life is in an illusory environment that has no substance for any real meaning whatsoever. You are trapped within an apparent material presence that is extremely convincing. You simply continue to hide yourselves in an illusion, experiencing an unending struggle for survival accompanied by anxiety, pain, and suffering unable to consume all perspectives of the One.

    BEing Human is not a “DOing Type of Thing”. You cannot BE in two places at one time in your mind. It is impossible. You have a choice, you can either operate as a Human Being, or as a Human Doing, but you cannot “Do” both and expect to “Be” anything human whatsoever.

    If we want to take back ownership over our lives from those that we have voluntarily given it to, then we absolutely must “Stop” whatever it is that we are currently busy DOING and start practicing the process of BEING. You need to Stop Doing your fiction life so that you can then have the opportunity to see the other side of Midnight, for what you have been missing out on, in order to Sense what a Human Being is about. No half measures will DO and must BE a full time endeavor.

    That would mean drastic measures in most everyone’s busy lives trained into constantly “Doing Things”, anything, because not many are able or willing to hold still long enough to feel the pain body that is still present on the planet they cannot yet accept to admit they are One with, because it is far too unpleasant and uncomfortable for consuming that perspective of the One, otherwise, people would be talking about it.

    You absolutely need TIME to BE a Human Being and you currently don’t have it to use for yourself right now, because the pay is not too good, and that idea bothers the holy living crap out of Human Doings living on a schedule of deadlines in a survival mode who cannot stop Doing It, whatever It is. Whatever It is, are fiction commercial contracts with entities that do not exist and that is a tough one to wrap the mind around, but you just happen to call it your life..

    Our lives as Human Doings have been very demanding ceaselessly focusing on obtaining what we perceive as the essential necessities of life. It is a constant struggle to provide basic necessities for ourselves, so much so, that the vast majority of people have very little time or the inclination to give serious consideration to the true meaning of our existence as a Human Being..

    Your thoughts and mind is being used by another entity, to administer punishment you have done to yourself – through counterfeiting. Your identity has been hijacked and stolen into a fiction realm and you don’t understand it to explain it to yourselves or anyone else.

    The difference between a Human Doing and a Human Being is like Night and Day and there is nothing confusing about the language. People are BEing misled and misguided in the “absolute” wrong direction, 180 degrees away from where they need to BE operating with BEing Human.

    The UCC is completely fiction for commercial use for “DOing” commerce, inside of a fiction system with corporate fiction entities. Your entire life has been all about “Doing” Fiction Commercial Contracts. Simply filing the UCC document is “absolutely” NOT going to DO anything for you..

    Filing UCC fiction documents does not make anyone sovereign let alone free, the fiction government will still continue to monetize your strawman.. Sovereign Beings have no business engaging with fiction “things”and that is what OPPT is dealing with and they don’t understand it by taking people down roads they don’t need to go down.

    Ask yourself the question…who gave these OPPT people the right of power and authority over YOU to file “anything” on your behalf? Did you? No you did not!.

    They have usurped your free will to choose by not asking you for your permission, abdicating your personal responsibility just like the fiction ghost government corporation does every day of your life against your will, with every move you make and every breath you take.

    The UCC operates using the fiction codes and statutes in Admiralty Maritime Law of the Sea, where Pirates are raiding, robbing, looting and pillaging our Ships of State. The Law of the Sea is going away with the implementation of the Common Law of the Land. Sovereign beings have no business trying to engage with fiction “things”and that is what OPPT is dealing with and they don’t understand it to explain it for you to determine.

  21. i am love says:

    Once again, a perfect expression of the evolution of the energies. Mahalo brother and Much Love xo

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